P0 Overview Specifications Case Study

Thin, light, sophisticated

The thickness of Yaham new perimeter led display measures only 88mm and weights 37kg/sq.m. It is not just a lighter and thinner perimeter led display, it is also astonishingly quite owning to its fan-free design and excellent heat dissipation performance.

The cabinet-length module, the first but the best try

We believe that the flatness is essential for a great perimeter led display, but to display the uninterrupted images or videos, we had to rethink the way we used to construct the module, we redesigned this perimeter module, it is cabinet-length and outdoor rated to IP65, most importantly, it brings the high-consistency image output with its super high display flatness.

Adjustable viewing angle by telescopic device

With folding and telescopic devices installed behind the display, the cabinet can be adjusted freely to four degrees (78°, 82°, 86°, 90°) to ensure the besting viewing angle.

Exceeding the highest televised standards

Paired with the best IC, the Yaham perimeter led display brings you spectacular speed and responsiveness, and with the refresh rate of 10000Hz and the gray scale of 16 bits, it could enable the high-speed camera to capture any detail played on the display but without appearing any scanning line while the game is on air.


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