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A smart digital billboard upgrade at Rundle Mall

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A smart digital billboard upgrade at Rundle Mall - yaham

26 August 2016, by Marketing Department

Rundle Mall, Adelaide’s premier retail area has recently upgraded their landmark digital display to a Yaham 10mm pixel pitch LED screen. Taking only one night to install, it was a successful and efficient upgrade.

The landscape digital billboard is designed to fit in with the building façade, positioned over the entrance to the City Cross Centre. This prime location ensures every shopper in the zone is attracted to the marketing messages delivered by APN Outdoor, a leader in outdoor advertising across Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s the first Yaham digital billboard we’ve installed and we’ve been incredibly satisfied with the product and our client is nothing short of impressed with the result!” says Brett Delaney, Director of Big Screen Video (BSV).

Pristine quality of image is essential for these screens and therefore managing faults is crucial to maintaining the quality of the screen. To ensure this, we use a cloud based monitoring system and should any faults arise, an email is automatically sent to the BSV service team. This system is able to monitor even a single dead pixel amongst the millions that make up the LED screen.

Display information:

· Landscape format, 7.68m Wide x 4.48m High; Total 34.41 sqm.

· Nichia 10mm pitch selected

· 7,000 Nits Brightness

· Cloud based monitoring system

Yaham’s wide range of billboard services provide outdoor media companies the essential tools to take advantage of the digital advertising realm, as well as build valuable connections with their customers. As part of Yahams’ philosophy, we constantly work toward reinventing the way of display and creating impact with our constantly evolving LED technology.

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