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A0 Series - yaham

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A0 Series - yaham

High Transparency

Up to 80% transparency ratio,

present clear visual experience

without affecting daylighting

A0 Series - yaham

Extreme Lightweight

Light as 2.5kg/sqm(Min.)

flexible in creative shapes

and installation like hanging

winding etc Leaving no effct on building loads

consuming less on frame and installaiton cost

A0 Series - yaham

Break-point Transfering

No image interruption during dot failure

impacting less on advertising
Easy maintenance for single dot

faster and safe installation and service

saving labor cost

A0 Series - yaham

A0 Series - yaham

IP66 Protection

IP66 rating guarantees greater dust

and waterproofing and higher weather durability

A0 Series - yaham

Max 50%

Energy Saving

50% power saving than ordinary

LED screen within the same brightness
Presenting good colour consistency and colour saturation

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