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Ystrong | S4

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Choice For Naked Eye 3D

S4 Series - yaham
S4 Series - yaham
S4 Series - yaham


Ultra High Brightness

High-brightness LEDs assure stability and durability even after longterm use.
Visible for a wider range of targeted audiences under strong direct sunlight

S4 Series - yaham

Seamless Corner

  • 45°to 180° corner design delivers seamless transition
  • unlocking the building’s endless potential
  • Naked eye 3D solution preferred
  • Resulting in increased advertising effect and brand value
S4 Series - yaham

57% Lighter Design

Lightweight and flat design ensures efficient installation.
About 20 square metres can be installed within an hour.

Exclusive Waterproof Valve

Valve prevents condensation, fogging and deformation inside.

IP65 protection and efficient heat dissipation deliver longer lifespan and stability.

S4 Series - yaham
S4 Series - yaham

Dual voltage effectively reduces

the consumption and heat within the same brightness

It leads to longer service life, lower operation cost and higher ROI

Application Scenario

  • Advertising media
  • Building curtain wall
  • Outdoor display
S4 Series - yaham
S4 Series - yaham
S4 Series - yaham
Consulting Products
Consulting Products Consulting Products