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Subway Station LED Board - yaham

MTR Information Display

In the train station, metro station, bus station and other populated areas, passenger information display signs (PIDs) are of essential importance to providing information service to facilitate passenger flow efficiently.

Subway Station LED Board - yaham

Electromagnetic Interference Free

Yaham PID is designed with protection against electromagnetic interference making it more durable and stable in guiding passengers in public stations.

Subway Station LED Board - yaham

Highly Customized Size And Color

Yaham PID is a highly customized product with color availability including monochrome, full-color and dual-color, it is also available in a variety of siz-es that could meet you requirements.

Subway Station LED Board - yaham

Remote Control

Messages and photos are capable of being edited and displayed remotely. To deliver more intense and readable information, brightness and also be remotely controlled.

Subway Station LED Board - yaham

Smart Monitor

Yaham PID can activate self-diagnosis and report health status, monitor can identify equipment health status, current message ID, current operat-ing mode, temperature, etc.

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