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Trailer LED Sign - yaham

Mobile Variable Message Sign

YAHAM MVMS is an easily mobile and flexible way to communicate messages, alerts and warnings. It is ideal for informing road users of temporary roadworks and changes in traffic flow. In addition, it can be used for store advertising and notifying the public of upcoming events such as sporting events or large sales.

Trailer LED Sign - yaham

Solar Power System

● Solar energy can be selected to charge the battery

● You can choose to charge the battery with mains power

● Input voltage range of screen: dc9v-36v

● The screen can work stably under DC12V or DC24V

Trailer LED Sign - yaham

Customized color

● Available in a variety of sizes and cabinet colors, Networkable with other displays and controllers Self-diagnosis and failure report.

● IP65 for pressure washing and harsh weather ,Durable power supply(12V/24V) unit Protected from shock and movable by truck.

Trailer LED Sign - yaham

Wireless and remote control

Messages, photos are capable of being edited and displayed remotely and wirelessly. In addition, Solar Trailer LED Screen can also be remotely switched on and off.

Local Controller Introduction:

Button Control Box (Hand held unit)

Inch Touch LCD Controller (Mount in the trailer)

Yaham Android APP

Trailer LED Sign - yaham

NTCIP and MODBUS based

Yaham traffic information displays are programmed based on the world two most prevailing 1.programmed NTCIP (National Transportation Communications for ITS protocol) and Modbus, more than just that, we also provide customized protocol if necessary.

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