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The Zhengzhou International Airport Welcomes Displays from Yaham

2015 News 1116
On December 22, the authority of the Zhengzhou International Airport announced the commencement of operation, it signifies that the Zhengzhou new international airport has become an airport having two runways and two terminals. The digital display system introduced in the airport by the airport authorities is wholly designed, manufactured and installed by Yaham Optoelectronics. The installation took place last November to help to improve the airport infrastructure and all the seven displays have been put into service this December.
The Zhengzhou International Airport Welcomes Displays from Yaham - yaham
The seven displays features 4 identical displays installed at the departure halls to broadcast flight information and sometimes, serve as advertisement boards, and the other 3 displays are installed at check-in hall and arrival hall. The successful installation of this digital display system marks the completion of the airport infrastructure construction.
The Zhengzhou International Airport Welcomes Displays from Yaham - yaham
“As the digital display system has become an indispensable part for a modern, world-class airport, while it significantly facilitates information display, it also helps the airport to generate more benefits through advertising. We’re excited to work with a company like Yaham to bring their cutting edge led display system to this new international airport, their professionalism through the entire process, including the suggestions they have given us, training and installation have impressed us very much, I look forward to this installation having an impact on every passenger”, said the airport official. “Bringing these Yaham manufactured led displays to the Zhengzhou International Airport is absolutely not as effortless as it looks to be, image how many things you have to consider and plan in advance, for instance, the compatibility, power consumption, brightness, usability etc, besides, the airport is also one of the places having the densest population, you have to put security concern into consideration, but it didn’t thwart Yaham’s engineer and technicians even with all these questions combined, the successful installation has become the statement of their relentless efforts and Yaham’s status as a led technology pioneer, I would like to say our engineers and technicians are the unsung heroes behind all of this” said Yaham sales representative He.
The Zhengzhou International Airport Welcomes Displays from Yaham - yaham
The seven displays installed in the Zhengzhou International Airport including 4mm and 6mm, measured more than 250sq.m in total, applied with Yaham latest smart module technology that is able to ensure the high color homogeneity even after repeated module changing, the seven display also features industry-leading environmental protection for a long lifetime with consistent performance, low power consumption and auto brightness control, providing value and excitement for years to come.

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