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  • H7 Series


    The cabinet has a 16:9 design ratio,making it easy to create 4K, 8K fullHD seamless video walls. ,

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  • X2 Series


    Waterproof connection port is added, and the protection grade is IP65 before and after, which has strong weather resistance and more stability; ,

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  • C1 Series


    The structure is made up of two layers of aluminum profile,with stiffener and embedded corner braces. ...

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  • L1 Series


    Up to 80% transparency ratio present clear visual experience without affecting daylighting Maintenance for each LED bar individually m...

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  • C3 Series


    Diode is parallel with PCB to create highertransparency, which avoids the sight frombeing blocked by the screen. The big cabinet design ( Cabinetmeasures 1000×3000 mm) is goodat setting u...

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