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A 13-year Partnership with Kingkey

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Our story with Kingkey Group started from the first LED display ever since 2007 in Baishizhou Shenzhen. After that till now, we have been running the partnership with Kingkey Group more than 13 years.

A 13-year Partnership with Kingkey - yaham

The Kingkey 100 was established in 2011 and has become Shenzhen’s landmark and a model of urban renewal, standing 441.8 meters high, ranking No 2. in Shenzhen, No.9 in China and No 17 in the world.

A 13-year Partnership with Kingkey - yaham

2010 – KK Mall at Kingkey 100

A 13-year Partnership with Kingkey - yaham

One of the landmark designs in Bao’an, Shenzhen from Kingkey 100 is KK Mall, which plays an essential role in engaging visitors coming into the shop. According to customer’s requirements, Yaham tailored the complete solution with SMD P16mm outdoor display for this Mall in 2010, standing 176.16 square meters. We turned the idea into reality by designing the layout to manufacturing. Considering it’s wall-mounted installation, heat dissipation is key problem to be solved so to keep a longer lifespan. Thus, we designed fans to help maximize heat release. That is why today you can still enjoy a great visual experience even after running 10 years. Couldn’t be more amazing anymore!

2013 – Shajing Kingkey Banner Center

A 13-year Partnership with Kingkey - yaham

Being satisfied by the great visual performance and stable quality of previous cooperation with Yaham, Kingkey is happy to do more new projects with us if any. In 2013, Yaham manufactured another 16mm outdoor screen over 188 square meters in Shajing Kingkey Banner Center, another landmark mall in Shajing.

2014 – KK One at Kingkey Timemark

A 13-year Partnership with Kingkey - yaham

Here is the outstanding case of DIP P16mm screen and a SMD P10mm display. We used them for the KK One shopping mall of KingKey Timemark, boasting a total area of nearly 400 square meters. The brightness can reach up to 8000nits by utilizing high-end Nichia LED. Every detail matters for a reliable outdoor LED display. Yaham realized that the uniform illumination output from LED plays a key role in the longevity and reliability of LED display. Therefore, we selected first-class brand for LED, for example, since 2005, Yaham has been working with Nichia. Right now Yaham ranks third among its global customers. Furthermore, strict and right production process is also the key of a stable led display. We take careful control in each step during production, to protect the components stay strong enough on the screen.

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