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Film And TV Industry Embracing Virtual Production

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Film And TV Industry Embracing Virtual Production - yaham

Recently, the volume based on virtual production has become increasingly popular in the film and television industry. With the successful shooting of The Mandalorian, the virtual production has set off a wave of using LED screens to replace green screen shooting in the industry . What can we look forward to virtual production?

COVID-19 Pandemic Derives A New Production Mode

As the haze of the pandemic dissipates in 2023, many industries are facing new changes in development. In spite of three-year depression during the COVID-19 pandemic in the film and television industry, it derives a new production mode—virtual production, which not only eliminates the need for location shoots entirely but also sparks more inspiration in a flexible production environment. While the continuous development in LED technology results in cost reduction, virtual production extends its applications in advertising, news broadcasting and stage entertainment.

Initial Stage In China While Growth Stage Abroad

Since virtual production is an emerging section in China, considering large up-front investment, high technical threshold, rigorous product standard, and uncertain ROI, there are a few LED display enterprises engaging in, most of which are large LED display enterprises. They get involved in virtual production through cooperation with film and television companies or establishment of subsidiaries. Featuring advantages of exceptional movie production capacity, large customer purchasing power, and matured technology and experience, foreign companies walk in the forefront in the field of virtual production and we should pay close attention to the latest developments abroad to adjust our strategy accordingly.

Unleashing Market Potential

After the further recovering of the film and television market, virtual production will continue to see growth. It is expected that virtual production will be used for 200-300 new film and television shooting bases around the world. To unleash market potential, it is necessary to gather more professional talents related to 3D modeling, motion capture, ect., and to build a sound market ecological environment where more leading companies from various industries including film and television, game, visual effect and advertisement explore and design the volume together.

Film And TV Industry Embracing Virtual Production - yaham

Virtual production is a transformative force in the film and television industry, reshaping how stories are told and experiences are crafted. As virtual production continues to evolve, we can anticipate a future where the boundaries of creativity are pushed to new heights, offering audiences captivating, immersive, and even more spectacular entertainment experiences. As a leading LED solution provider with over twenty-year experience, Yaham has engaged in virtual production by establishing two subsidiaries, Yaham VisionMax and Yaham Recience to get the drop on counterparts.

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