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Application of led display in film shooting technology

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The birth of the LED movie screen is closely related to the film shooting technology. The film shooting and production technology will encounter the problem of insufficient brightness in the continuous evolution, which will not only cause the poor display effect of the screen, but also cause dizziness and other discomfort symptoms when watching for a long time.

Application of led display in film shooting technology - yaham

For small-pitch LED screens, brightness is precisely its inherent advantage. The higher brightness also means there are no comfort issues even with extended viewing. Moreover, since the brightness of the LED screen can be adjusted independently, it is clearly visible whether it is used in a traditional dark environment or a brightly lit environment. Some experts mentioned that Mini/Micro LED performs better in the projection of 3D movies, which can bring a more realistic visual experience. With the blessing of many technical advantages, screen companies have also sensed the “blue ocean” opportunity of LED display in the thin film market. yaham launched a variety of LED movie screens earlier, and soon entered the theater for commercial use. With the same excellent display technology, domestic screen companies entered the film market with one foot, but the other foot was blocked by DCI certification. After unremitting independent innovation and research and development, they finally passed this certification. , to achieve two feet into the film market, into Hollywood.

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