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Yaham revealed the latest LED display solutions at ISE 2019

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From February 5th to 8th, ISE 2019 was held at the RAI Amsterdam, the Netherland. Integrated Systems Europe is generally regarded as the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration. On the basis of both exhibition space and attendee registrations, ISE 2019 has already grown into the largest event so far. This year, ISE 2019 has successfully attracted exceeding 80,900 registered attendees which has broken the record, meanwhile, exhibition space has reached to more than 56,100 square meter. Yaham, industry-leading LED display brand, has attended and showcased the latest solutions and products and won a big success during this ISE 2019.

This time, Yaham booth has been specially designed as high-end window in order to create high-class business application scenarios. Yaham has unveiled brand new products including H3s series indoor fine pixel pitch, X2s outdoor narrow pixel pitch, CF series carbon fiber and transparent LED panel which has provided all the attendees with an entirely new sensory experience.

Yaham revealed the latest LED display solutions at ISE 2019 - yaham
Yaham revealed the latest LED display solutions at ISE 2019 - yaham

Yaham transparent LED display

As star products, Yaham’s C0, C1 series transparent screens are born to finely fit with window and glass curtain wall. Along with ultra-light cabinet, high transparency and easy installation, Yaham transparent Led display can effectively create a fusion of the modern art beauty and surroundings structure. It is expected that Yaham transparent LED panel will be grown into a super rock star for the applications of glass wall building, window and other fields in the year of 2019 due to the advanced and unique technology. As a result, it will evolutionally change the entire LED display industry.

Yaham carbon fiber

At the great event, what makes us especially exciting is that Yaham has newly launched CF series carbon fiber LED screen renowned for ultra-light cabinet and super strong structure. By employing carbon fiber architecture, Yaham CF series is able to reach 50% lighter and 20 times stronger than traditional LED screen. Moreover, CF series is much more powerful on the basic of its strong stretch strength and hardness.

Yaham fine pixel pitchIn addition, Yaham also showcased fine pixel pitch products which are X3s series T0.93mm,T1.19mm and H3 series T1.58mm. Brand new H3s series has been highly regarded as a knock-out product for Yaham’s fine pixel pitch product. It has been promoted and upgraded to a higher performance level thanks to unique common cathode circuit design, power and signal redundancy as well.

Yaham revealed the latest LED display solutions at ISE 2019 - yaham
Yaham revealed the latest LED display solutions at ISE 2019 - yaham

At this ISE 2019, Yaham has successfully exhibited the latest LED display solutions which has become the focus of LED display market and aroused much attention. More than that, we would like to invite you to join us at the incoming ISE 2020!

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