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Celebrate the 72nd anniversary and cheer for the motherland!

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When the People’s Republic of China was founded, every five and ten on National Day, a large number of tribute films were screened across the country. From the capital Beijing to all parts of the country, from the chorus in the Great Hall of the People to the yangko twisting on the street corners, the National Day gifts from the official to the private are peaceful.
Soon, our great motherland ushered in her 72-year-old birthday. From Shenzhen Luohu Dingfeng Building to the International Convention and Exhibition Center, the outdoor LED display large screen upgraded and built by yaham has been officially launched, as a gift to the 72nd anniversary of the National Day.

Celebrate the 72nd anniversary and cheer for the motherland! - yaham

Shenzhen Luohu Dingfeng Building ProjectThe bright red five-star red flag inspires hundreds of millions of Chinese sons and daughters, the mountains and rivers of the motherland affect our souls.
This year, the motherland, which has gone through trials and tribulations, still did not disappoint the people, and was still able to stand out from the tribulation. The great Chinese nation is full of inspirational sentiments and boundless expectations, making the people extremely proud and proud.

Celebrate the 72nd anniversary and cheer for the motherland! - yaham

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center Project
The 72 years of magnificent events have witnessed the vicissitudes of the Chinese sons and daughters in 72 years, from a hundred wastes waiting to thrive to the prosperity of all industries and the rise of a big country. Struggle is the strongest voice of the times. The motherland has gone through many tests to achieve leapfrog development, all thanks to hard work.
“Take a rough road into a road, and set off after fighting hard and dangerous.” Set sail in the new era, and new deeds will live up to the time. yaham Optoelectronics will keep our mission in mind and strive for more .
On this day of national celebration, we can only offer blood and blessings to bless our dear motherland forever and prosperity. We also firmly believe: Our Chinese mother will bring more miracles to the world!

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