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Christchurch Selects Yaham For The City’s First Led Display

2015 News 8150

Accorded customer’s satisfaction, the first led display of Chrischurch was completed installing and came into service on October. Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, and the country’s third-most populous urban area. This is the first led display installed in Chrischurch for the time being and therefore our customer describe this display as the beginning of outdoor digital advertisement.

Christchurch Selects Yaham For The City’s First Led Display - yaham

As our customer requested at the very beginning, any detail involved in the design, manufacturing and installation should be wholly done by Yaham. To allay customer’s misgivings in this project and avoid any miscalculation or accidents that may happen during the whole process, Yaham’s engineers from pre-sales service spent a quite long time on the communications with our customer over details and eventually we came our several solutions. When this project finished manufacturing and was delivered to Christchurch, one of our engineer from after-sales service was imminently sent to Christchurch to provide any necessary assistance that may wanted by our customer during installation, Yaham also have had several training lessons of how to run this display better after the installation.

“This led display represents a very special opportunity to work with a company like Yaham who helped us throughout the whole process, this is not my first try on a led display but I am particularly confident about the cooperation with Yaham, because the quality speaks volume”, said our customer. “The Yaham team worked with to install Chrischurch’s first display as well as providing everything from training to installation that made the entire process as seamless as we could have hoped, I do looking forward to continuing the relationship with Yaham through more big display projects in the near future “

Christchurch Selects Yaham For The City’s First Led Display - yaham

This D16 two-sides display uses Nichia diode due to the particularly strong ultraviolet radiation in Christchurch and all the module masks are designed to be radiation-proof on this account. To make it more energy-efficient, the brightness of different sides is automatically and separately controlled by the in-built intellectual control system according to lighting on different directions, the brightness is significantly fluctuated from day and night, only 1% of the max. brightness is bright enough to be variable after sunset as Christchurch is, comparably speaking, darker than other regions.

“We were so surprised to know the entire display appeared no any dead diode when it been powered on, I hope this lasts and I am sure it can” added our customer.

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