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Yaham to Unveil Another Standard Cabinet for the New 320mm*320mm Module

2015 News 7410

In last September, Yaham unveiled its new 320mm320mm weatherproof and wireless module and a wholly new cabinet X0, while being responded by customer’s intensive interests and continual inquiries, one third of the questions we have been asked is if the new modules workableto the standard cabinet as some of their projects have designated to use standard cabinet, as the time of being asked by the same question is still increasing and as a company whose philosophy revolving around customer first, Yaham is very glad to announce that we are going to release another new standard cabinet specifically designed for 320mm320mm weatherproof and
wireless module.

Yaham to Unveil Another Standard Cabinet for the New 320mm*320mm Module - yaham

When we say standard cabinet, it doesn’t necessarily mean the new cabinet bears no differences to ordinary cabinet we have seen, we
consider this as the last thing a technology-driven company like Yaham would like to do.

Just like the design philosophy we have brought to X0, the new standard cabinet is also the simplest and cleanest one we could do for
a standard cabinet, the thickness is reduced to only 16cm, the total size of each cabinet remains at 1280mm*960mm, we believe this
dimension could mostly facilitate those customers who want to replace their wornout cabinets and the weight could also save the cost for
transportation and labor to some extent. Moreover, just as the way we did for all of Yaham’s outdoor products, this cabinet can also
be serviced both from front and rear, giving users the best experience of operating it.

As of now, this standard cabinet has finished all the compatibility tests with the new module, it is expected to be ready for sell at
the beginning of next month and you are welcome to email us for more product details.

About new 320mm*320mm module and X0.

  1. Wireless connection, instead of signal cable, PCB serving as signal carrier, it enhances signal stability.
  2. Individually distributed signal , any failure of any module will cause no ripple effect to other modules.
  3. The entire cabinet is solidly modeled into a triangle shield, it significantly increases its stability improve heat dissipation
  4. Ultra light cabinet with a thickness of only 88mm, about 40% less than that weight of regular cabinet, it saves cost for
    transportation and labor.
  5. The specially designed 90°rotating lock system enable anyone to easily service from both rear and front.
  6. High refresh rate and gray scale, X0 could always display flawlessly to naked eyes or cameras.
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