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Welcome New Year In Shenzhen Bao’an Marathon

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In the morning of December 31, the Shenzhen Bao’an Marathon 2023 kicked off at the Coastal Square in Bao’an District, attracting over 20,000 participants from 19 countries and regions. The marathon course featured 45 designated points along the track where cultural performances were staged, providing a glimpse into Bao’an’s district profile. Under the leadership of Jiao Weiqi, the CEO of Yaham, Yaham running team participated the marathon with great enthusiasm.

Welcome New Year In Shenzhen Bao’an Marathon - yaham

As one of active associations in company, Yaham running team, including management team and employees from Yaham’s different departments, aims to promote a company culture of teamwork, health and vitality. At the end of the year, Yaham running team took part in this grand marathon event to welcome the hopeful new year and inject lasting vitality in company.

Welcome New Year In Shenzhen Bao’an Marathon - yaham
Jiao Weiqi, CEO of Yaham

Welcome New Year In Shenzhen Bao’an Marathon - yaham
Zhang Wei, Senior Manager of Yaham

In the marathon, Yaham’s management team, a group of young and energetic people with an average age of 38, played a leading role and encouraged Yaham running team to work hard and hold on to the end . Young leaders tend to embrace change and have a lot of ideas, which is essential to build a stronger diversifying enterprise and make more breakthroughs in technology. In the marathon, they challenged themselves, setting an excellent example for employees.

Welcome New Year In Shenzhen Bao’an Marathon - yaham
Welcome New Year In Shenzhen Bao’an Marathon - yaham
Yaham Running Team Running Event Review

Running marathon needs a spirit of persistence and never give up, which is also important in work and life. With their footprints all over shenzhen, Yaham running team inspires every Yaham’s employees to continue to surpass customer expectations with their unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology and delivering exceptional LED solutions.

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