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LED Industry Embraces Favorable Policy

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On May 24th, the National Development and Reform Commission and five other departments issued the “Implementation Plan for Equipment Renewal in the Culture and Tourism Sectors”.

The plan outlines eight key tasks, including upgrading performance equipment and enhancing smart culture and tourism.

In the performance equipment sector, the plan aims to promote the renewal of stage lighting, audio, display, mechanical, and special effects equipment, as well as their control systems in various venues for artistic performances and tourism performances.

In the smart culture and tourism sectors, the plan proposes updating and upgrading smart management service equipment in key tourist attractions and public cultural venues.

Additionally, the document mentions upgrading immersive experience equipment to  craft immersive and intelligent scenes with innovative products and content.

The culture and tourism industry has gone through a rough patch in the past three years due to the pandemic, but it is now poised for a growth spurt.

With the recovery of the economy, the resumption of international flights and the relaxation of visa policies, it is expected that the scale of domestic tourism consumption will continue to grow. The performance market has also seen a surge in large-scale concerts, outdoor music festivals, dramas, children’s plays, musicals, etc.

LED Industry Embraces Favorable Policy - yaham
Petal-shaped Screen in Yueji Town

The booming market has generated demand for equipment renewal. The colorful and changeable LED displays fully cater to people’s requirements for visual experience because of their many advantages, making them play an increasingly important role in the implementation of the policy. Yaham is proud to engage in this great cause with our innovative LED solutions.

LED Industry Embraces Favorable Policy - yaham
Resorts World, Las Vegas

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