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E-Box, Chongqing, China

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On 28 October, Longwood Times Sky Street, which has created a “consumer myth” in Chongqing, innovated again by creating a borderless community based on the concept of “breaking boundaries”, in which the E-Box space, the secret key to the magic formula, combines technological aesthetic design and creative digital media to redefine The “cross-era” sky street.

YAHAM’s creative “E-box” display for Times Square is located right in front of Pavilion E of the Borderless Community, where visitors can enjoy the “Magic Cube” that conveys the attitude of “no limits” and the concept of “looking to the future” as soon as they enter the square. “The “E-box” is located in front of the Borderless Community E Pavilion.

YAHAM Tesseract Screen

After receiving the project, Yuan Heng Optoelectronics attached great importance to it, and specially organised sales, R&D, production, visual design, testing and installation personnel to build the “Magic Square Screen” project team to communicate and co-create with the client immediately.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

Structural design of the Tesseract

Unlike ordinary naked eye 3D displays, which usually only require two sides to be stitched together, the “Tesseract” project consists of five sides stitched together and is shaped like a square box without a lid.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

The client had certain requirements for the size of the gap between the corners of the two sides of the screen, and wanted the gap between the corners of the screen to be less than 7.5mm, so that the whole screen would look similar to a ‘Rubik’s cube’. At the same time, the screen was being held up by two robots, and there was an overlap between the screen and the robots, which made the overall design more difficult.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

After team discussions and customer communication, the project team adopted Yuan Heng’s X2b series modules. X2b series modules have a small pitch; the thin lamp surface, combined with the 45-degree cutting angle design, makes the splicing gap of the screen far below 7.5mm, and the corners are visually completely vertical, more technological sense.

The two corners where the screen overlaps with the robot are extremely demanding in terms of structural design. In order to avoid the robot affecting the overall shape of the screen, the YAHAM R&D team uses a more complex and more demanding splitting solution, splitting the 3-dimensional right-angle edge of the screen into two parts for processing, so that the structural design and the robot arm are integrated, perfectly presenting the effect of naked eye 3D video playback.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

The visual design of the Tesseract screen

The visual design team interpreted the client’s ‘boundary-breaking’ concept and concluded that ‘boundary-breaking’ is the process of constantly breaking down existing perceptions, breaking down and reorganising everything over and over again, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is new. As such, ‘boundary-breaking’ is one of the most fashionable states of mind and a trendy way of life, leading to a distinctive artistic style.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham
E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham
E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

After repeated discussions with the client, Yuan Heng’s team of 3D solution designers created a 3D naked eye video with 4 stages. The video is an abstract interpretation of the form and rhythm of the “broken boundary” in 4 different stages.

Growth stage – the growth of flowing particles in a dip.

Stability – maturation to its peak.

Breakthrough – the moment of surge suddenly freezes and shatters.

Emergence – a renewed mingling to produce a new state.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

It is an avant-garde artistic expression that constantly breaks with the old order and consciousness and reshapes new trends of thought.

3-Dimensional Visual Design

YAHAM’s bespoke 3D naked-eye videos are extremely difficult to integrate into the video design due to the three-dimensional structure of the Tesseract screen. Usually a 3D video that consists of two flat surfaces stitched together is still a 2-dimensional innovation, but the YAHAM “Tesseract” combines flat visuals with structure to create a 3-dimensional concept.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

Long screen with over 8,000 pixels

YAHAM’s ‘Tesseract’ project also includes an 80-metre-long strip screen containing over 8,000 pixels, echoing the ‘Tesseract Screen’ and deepening the concept of time and space, with a more futuristic feel, echoing the theme ‘Breaking the Boundary echoing the theme “Breaking the Boundary”.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

Efficient communication by the YAHAM team

Despite the tight schedule of the Tesseract project, the YAHAM team communicated with the client very smoothly and completed the structural design, visual design and testing of the project on time, ensuring that the project was delivered on schedule.

Efficient communication is one of YAHAM’s key features, and the YAHAM team excels at accurately capturing and responding to the client’s needs, and constantly optimising the details to make the Tesseract project perfect!

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham
E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

The stunning final result of the Chongqing Longhu Times Square project is due to the attention and active communication of the YAHAM team, with customer focus always at the heart of YAHAM’s service philosophy.

E-Box, Chongqing, China - yaham

The successful implementation of YAHAM’s Chongqing Longhu Times Square project is another breakthrough for YAHAM’s cross-team collaboration. yaham is not only capable of undertaking LED display projects, but also has the ability to create visual content, including 3D video design, and has created thousands of successful cases around the world.

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