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Performance of Yaham OT Series

2016 News 10710

How to make the color keep the same from different viewing angle? Below are the comparison of DIP, SMD and Yaham OT series.

As we know,RGB color can be mixed to any kind of color. As below:

Performance of Yaham OT Series - yaham



Performance of Yaham OT Series - yaham

Yaham OT Series Performance(R+G=Amber)

OT series combine SMD with optical lens, SMD already has better color mixing capacity, we add the optical lens to mix the color better. Let’s see why this optical lens can do this. when the light emit from RGB chips that mounted inside SMD, they have to go through the optical lens, with many times reflections, the RGB light mix up together, as below:

Performance of Yaham OT Series - yaham

Advantages Of YAHAM OT Series

Dual Voltage Supplier on LED
Using separate voltage driving board to achieve energy-saving purpose:specific voltages are applied to different lamps.
Separate LED drive for red and green respectively with voltage divider.

Performance of Yaham OT Series - yaham

Sleeping Mode Enabled
Our product is able to detect the black area and turn it into sleeping mode.

Performance of Yaham OT Series - yaham

Second Optical
Optical lens change the viewing angle of SMD, to make it suitable in trafc application.

Performance of Yaham OT Series - yaham


Yaham OT series can be used on roadways to give travelers information about special events.
Such signs warming of trafc congestion, accidents, incidents, roadwork zones, or speed limits on specic highway segment.

Yaham OT series can also be used within parking guidance and information systems to guide drivers to available car parking spaces in urban areas.

We Offer OT10, OT16,OT20,OT25,OT31.25 for your selection !

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