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Yaham Has Made Its Mark In The Urban Renewal Of Zhengzhou

2023 News 6130
Yaham Has Made Its Mark In The Urban Renewal Of Zhengzhou - yaham

Zhengzhou, an ancient capital city in Henan province, has been a significant name amid the splendors of Chinese civilization. Over the 5000 years of national history, the city served as the capital for 5 dynasties.

While strengthening the preservation of cultural relics with tailored measures, in recent years, Zhengzhou has explored innovative transformation to become a regional growth engine in the central China city cluster. Meanwhile, the local government is carrying out a series of urban renewal projects to ensure that citizens can live happier, better lives. With expertise in landmark spectaculars, Yaham has made its mark in the urban renewal of Zhengzhou.

Yaham Has Made Its Mark In The Urban Renewal Of Zhengzhou - yaham

Yaham Has Made Its Mark In The Urban Renewal Of Zhengzhou - yaham
After Renovation

Established in 1999, Youyi Building, an witness of the ups and downs of Zhengzhou commercial life over the past decades, has become an important part in urban renewal. The customer would like to create an extraordinary LED display on this building to capture attention and establish city image. With extensive experience in DOOH LED display, meticulous field study, and tailor-made solution, Yaham stood out in fierce bid competition.

Featuring lightweight, advanced heat dissipation, unique steel structure design, Yaham DOOH solution significantly reduced the risks of structural load bearing in this old building and allowed the building to present a UHD giant screen in a more efficient, stable and safe way.

Located in the central “兴” shaped intersection of the premium commercial district, which has the busiest footfall and the longest history of the city, the screen built by Yaham on Youyi Building, is recognized as the province’s biggest digital out-of-home with 16K resolution. Covering an area of 2000㎡, the giant curved screen turns the Youyi Building into a trendy tourist spot and injects new vitality into the bustling downtown.

Yaham Has Made Its Mark In The Urban Renewal Of Zhengzhou - yaham

As soon as the giant screen was completed, it was involved in the filming and recording of a cultural show titled 2023 Adventures on Mid-Autumn Festival produced by Henan TV.

The show captured maximized exposure in a short time. As of 22.00 on September 29, it was broadcasted on over 20 central media platforms such as People’s Daily, China Daily, and so on , and gained 3.7 billion views on the entire network.

Yaham Has Made Its Mark In The Urban Renewal Of Zhengzhou - yaham

The giant screen serves as a city window to show the history, culture, development and tourism of Zhengzhou to viewers, which not only realizes maximized commercial benefits, but also establishes city image. 

As an important tool to facilitate brands promotion, establish city image, and release important news, LED display is widely used in urban renewal. Yaham has completed many landmark spectaculars such as the biggest UHD 8K naked-eye 3D spectaculars in both Changsha and Guangzhou city, Roman-style Marquee at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and so on. With 3D creative content such as Ice Age, Full Moon, I love Changsha delivered by its LED displays, Yaham redefines visual storytelling, captivating audiences and transforming the way digital content is experienced. What surprise will this LED giant screen in Zhengzhou bring to you next? Stay tuned.

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