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Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, USA

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Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, Caesars Palace was the first themed casino resort in Las Vegas for 56 years.

Known as the “Shopping Wonder of the World”, Caesars Palace is located at the entrance of the Grand Hotel and is recognised as one of the world’s most luxurious shopping streets.

YAHAM’s creative LED display for the Forum Shops stands directly in front of the Caesars Palace Hotel.

Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, USA - yaham

Unique design

From the design to the production process, YAHAM communicated with the client repeatedly in an effort to restore the client’s ideas and creativity.

YAHAM perfectly fulfilled all the requirements of the client: both sides of the display were made into left and right symmetrical Corinthian style columns, the column head, column height and column diameter had to maintain a specific ratio, and the numerous grooves on both sides of the columns had to be highly restored, so that the whole screen body and the Greco-Roman style of the hotel would be integrated.

Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, USA - yaham
Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, USA - yaham

Cross-country seminar programme

The YAHAM Caesars Palace project is unique in design, cumbersome in structure and strict in requirements.

During the tendering stage, YAHAM won the tender by virtue of its unique corner module design, rich experience in product customisation and the professional service of the local team at Yuan Heng Vegas.

During the project implementation stage, the YAHAM Caesar’s Palace project team flew to the client’s office in the US several times to discuss the proposal, repeatedly discuss the details of the proposal and guarantee the quality of the product.

Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, USA - yaham
Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, USA - yaham

Project a great success

In May 2017, YAHAM Caesars Palace project was successfully delivered.

The Romanesque double-sided LED display became the most beautiful sight on the Las Vegas Strip upon completion, attracting millions of visitors with its unique screen design and smooth 3D display, and bringing great reputation and a large number of visitors to Caesars Palace Hotel and Caesars Roman Marketplace mall.

Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas, USA - yaham

High praise from the client

The client’s Senior Vice President had this to say: “The screen is perfectly positioned in the heart of the famous Las Vegas Strip, creating strong commercial value for brands and retailers in the heart of Las Vegas.

At the same time, the screen’s stunning visuals create an impressive experience for casino visitors. As a milestone project for the mall’s 25th anniversary, my colleagues and I are extremely pleased.”

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