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From Dust to Gold,Witness the Birth of the 3D Spectacular

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City’s largest naked-eye 3D LED screen
Province’s first UHD 4K LED screen spanning over 1000 square meters
YAHAM’s another naked-eye 3D Landmark in East China

Seizes landmark resources and raises the brand’s awareness
Recently, An 4K UHD naked-eye 3D giant screen built by Yaham together with its customer Chuanmei Advertising first appears in Intime Department Store located in Hefei High-Tech Zone, which boosts the commercial development of city.

From Dust to Gold,Witness the Birth of the 3D Spectacular - yaham

The establish of this naked-eye 3D giant screen in city CBD landmark exhibits Yaham’s strong R&D strength and exquisite innovation capacity in outdoor LED display field.

From Dust to Gold,Witness the Birth of the 3D Spectacular - yaham

Different from common flat outdoor LED display, this super large screen measures 38.5m wide by 26m high and spans an area of 1001㎡(10774ft²), employing P10mm pixel pitch and processing over 10 million pixels. With a 135° seamless transition, the spectacular boosts the 3D anamorphic animation effect, perfectly blending the sharp corner into the facade to give images in a more vivid and dynamic manner.

From Dust to Gold,Witness the Birth of the 3D Spectacular - yaham

In recent years, with professional engineering capacity and comprehensive service, Yaham has completed many projects in DOOH field and won a high reputation.

From Dust to Gold,Witness the Birth of the 3D Spectacular - yaham

Yaham’s famous cases include Changsha Century Love Building outdoor naked-eye 3D giant screen, Guangzhou Renfeng Building 8K naked-eye 3D giant screen, USA Las Vegas Caesars Palace Roman style doorpost display, USA Walt Disney World Resort wave screen and so on. Above items have become internet famous sites and have attracted many tourist to take a photo for memory. These excellent cases created by Yaham not only bring advertising revenue to customers but also promote economic development.

Creates a City Window to Boost Economy
The naked-eye 3D giant screen is located in the heart of Hefei high-tech zone, adjacent to the Advanced Technology Research Institute of USTC, the animation base, China Speech Valley and Tencent Maker Space. It is just one road away from High-tech Zone Administration Commission, which also directly connects to subway line 4. There are more than 70,000 high-tech enterprises (including 38 listed companies and 76 incubation platforms) such as Iflytek, QuantumCTek, Sun Create Electronics, Zepp, Sungrow Power, Anke Biotechnology, H3C, Hikvision and over 100,000 high-tech consumer groups in the park.

From Dust to Gold,Witness the Birth of the 3D Spectacular - yaham

As the landmark screen in Hefei and even in the whole Anhui province, the naked-eye 3D giant screen integrates technology and urban culture to bring an immersive visual experience to audience. It will continue to serve as a city window to facilitate economic development and culture communication while doing a good job in brand promotion so as to turn on the charm of Hefei, appeal more tourists and establish the city’s image.

In the future, Yaham will continue to grow and thrive, meet the requirement of customers and complete more magnificent items. We explore new communication models in the digital era, providing advertisers with innovative solutions to effectively reach target audience and achieve maximum impact.

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