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Yaham New Base In Zhongshan Breaks Ground

2024 News 2630

Yaham New Base In Zhongshan Breaks Ground - yaham
Groundbreaking Ceremony

On March 4, the groundbreaking ceremony for Yaham Greater Bay Area Intelligent Manufacturing Base (Yaham Greater Bay Area Base) was successfully held in the Torch Development Zone of Zhongshan. The guests of Zhongshan Government and executives of Yaham participated in this event, witnessing the significant moment in the development of Yaham.

Yaham New Base In Zhongshan Breaks Ground - yaham
Mr Zhang, the Deputy Director of Zhongshan Port Sub-district Office

Mr Zhang, the deputy Director of Zhongshan Port Sub-district Office, noted that with the imminent opening of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge, the Torch Development Zone Government will expedite the construction of a first-class business environment, promote investment attraction across the entire supply chain, and introduce all resources conducive to high-quality development. It is hoped that the enterprises will speed up construction, go into operation and realize production capacity as soon as possible. The government has established the Torch Development Zone Enterprise Service Center to provide the dedicated service, making zhongshan a fertile ground for investment and a stage for innovation and entrepreneurship. Best wishes for the successful completion of Yaham Greater Bay Area Base.

Yaham New Base In Zhongshan Breaks Ground - yaham
Mr Zhu, Chairman of Yaham

Mr Zhu, Chairman of Yaham, expressed in his speech that with the strong support from the Zhongshan Municipal Committee Team, Yaham Greater Bay Area Base has successfully settled in the Torch Development Zone. Leveraging the prominent geographical advantages, mature industrial clusters, and a well-aligned supply chain with the optoelectronics industry, Torch Development Zone has increasingly become the ideal factory location for enterprises like Yaham, with R&D in Shenzhen and manufacturing in Zhongshan.

He also said that the government has introduced a series of supportive policies to promote the development of the manufacturing industry. Yaham deeply appreciated their hands-on guidance and the policy support in areas such as electricity, taxation, and land use, which provide us with a sense of assurance and warmth regarding the favorable business environment in the Torch development Zone.

Yaham New Base In Zhongshan Breaks Ground - yaham
Yaham New Base Effect Drawing

Yaham will make full effort to advance the construction of Yaham Greater Bay Area Base throughout 2024, aim to commence trial production by the end of 2024 and put into production of outdoor Mini LED and intelligent transportation products by mid-2025, strive to achieve an annual output value exceeding 1 billion RMB and an annual tax contribution surpassing 50 million RMB within five years, bring more job opportunities and create a better business environment for Zhongshan.

Renowned for its reliable quality, Yaham has delivered innovative LED solutions for prestigious projects worldwide. Trusted by clients worldwide, Yaham continues to surpass customer expectations with its unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and delivering exceptional LED solutions.

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