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Yaham installs futuristic display for Haloplaza

2018 News 9060

A futuristic transparent LED display designed and manufactured by Yaham is powered on at Haloplaza, the whole display is embedded behind the glass wall, when night falls, it magically turns the shopping mall into a crystal-clear palace and sparkles like a shining star.

Haloplaza, a shopping mall locates in northwest of Hangzhou, known as the heart of Liangzhu culture, representing the origin of Chinese culture.

Yaham installs futuristic display for Haloplaza - yaham

Liangzhu is a culture melting-pot where people can get a glimpse of an ancient China, experience the conflicts between art and humanity, touch the texture of a brand-new city. Featuring the combination of historical civilization and modern industry, Liangzhu is built to be a demonstrative city of heritage and renaissance of Chinese culture.

Digital out-of-home advertising has always been the most essential part of LED display, however, government is becoming increasingly circumspect in approving outdoor display application due to light pollution and safety risks. Featuring high transparency, invisible installation and high brightness, Yaham transparent LED display comes as a perfect solution to these conundrums.   The transparency LED display created by Yaham is located on the first floor of Haloplaza, measures over 270.45 square meters. The project uses side light emiting transparency screen with 8mm spacing and the customized waterproof bead design minimizes the failure rate caused by the damp of the lamp. In addition, Yaham customizes up to 34 different sizes of cabinets to ensure that the cabinets can adapts to various angles of the building and the visual effectwill not be compromised.The light transmittance of the project is as high as 65% result in reducing the barrier to sight effectively.

Yaham installs futuristic display for Haloplaza - yaham
Yaham installs futuristic display for Haloplaza - yaham
Yaham installs futuristic display for Haloplaza - yaham

Since the launch of the high transparency LED display in 2018, it has recognized by customers both at home and abroad, and has designed and manufactured a number of transparent LED displays, including KWG M-cude, Nike Philiphine, Haloplaza,in a short period of time.

The soul of a city is always shaped by its culture, Haloplaza geographically echoes with Liangzhu InterContinental and the ferris wheel stands beside it, a picture of harmonious co-existence, just like the sun for the day and moon for the night. Yaham was and will always be a design-driven company to get involved in the building of futuristic cities across the world, we are looking forward to this monument and building upon it.

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