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Yaham to Exhibit Entensive Out-Of-Home Advertising Solution at Infocomm

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Yaham Electronic is to attend INFOCOMM 2016 in the Las Vegas Convention Center from June 8-10. Come experience the difference that Yaham will provide as multiple out-of-home advertising products will be on display in the Booth N1863 throughout the convention.

Yaham to Exhibit Entensive Out-Of-Home Advertising Solution at Infocomm - yaham

“As one of the most influential conventions, INFOCOMM has always been a second to none opportunity to show our latest products to North American customers and to know their feedbacks regarding our products. I ‘ve always thought that the market is the decision maker for what kind of product we should develop and research, I am really looking forward to knowing how will our new products impact the market and business opportunity at the exhibition” said Yaham international sales manager Hilary.

The products we are bringing to ISE2016 are something we consider different and advanced that customer can experience, for instance, the Yaham singular structure design on our GD product, which, from our perspective, is the replacement of outdoor billboard due to its combined features like fanless, thin and light. Another product that will be exhibited is the outdoor curved display, the one honed to deliver seamless curved visual experience.

One of Yaham’s latest innovations, arena ribbon board, will be on display for the first time at this exhibition as well. Unlike the traditional ribbon board, it features an unimaginable maintenance way while it is mounted on the wall, the way, in our view, is the best that can facilitate the maintenance. You are welcome to visit Yaham booth by then and find out how unique it is

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