Outdoor Fixed L0 Overview Specifications Case Study

Translucent, light

Yaham L0 features 15-25kg per sq.m, over 64% lighter than that of traditional cabinets, apart from being so light, more than 50% of the display is translucent owning to the special cabinet structure, when it applied on the glass wall, the lighting is only slightly compromised, this could be the future of glass wall led display.

High reliability

The ingress protection of led bar rated up to 68, the fully sealed led bar is weatherproof, dustproof, damp-proof, bringing the ingress protection of outdoor led display up to a new level.

More convenient

The very nature of Yaham L0 decides it is a second-to-none choice for the outdoor gall wall led display, it is light and thin, much easier to install and maintain.


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