H0 Overview Specifications Case Study

Light & thin

The design of this cabinet packs a lot of power into not a lot space, high performance doesn’t necessarily come with big size and heavy weight, the Yaham H0 cabinet weighs only 7.3kg and thickness measures only 70mm, despite being so compact, Yaham H0 is able to play 2K and 4K video with ultrstable image quality.

Six-direction cabinet alignment

Paired with Yaham unique lock, the position of each cabinet can be precisely adjusted from six directions, left or right, up or down, front or back, so every cabinet can the positioned to the exact place accurate to millimeter, bring a ultraflat and seamless aligned cabinets, no more black or white lines.

Rear and front access

Like the way we have empowered all of our outdoor products, the Yaham H0 can also be accessed both from rear or front, no matter which way you plan to install your display, it gives the possibility to not specifically keep a maintenance space at the back which was considered essential. With Yaham H0, one can simply perform the maintenance from its front, it saves space and makes a led display more like a display.


As a product targeted at indoor applications like TV station, monitor center, meeting room or indoor advertising etc., it is designed without any fan, paired with the best power supply and exquisite electronic engineering, no noise will produce in the duration of working.


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