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2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights

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2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham

Zhongshan Embraces Yaham’s New Base
It is expected that Yaham will realize a total output value over 1.5 billion RMB(About $200 million) after the completion of the Zhongshan new base. Zhongshan Municipal Committee Team made a number of visits to Yaham on the full implementation of Yaham’s zhongshan base, addressing the problems and offering guidance to speed up the construction. The new state-of-the-art base enables Yaham to improve the efficiency of production, comply to rigorous global standards, and deliver more innovative LED solutions for the fields of mini LED, XR and lighting.

2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham
2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham

VN Series Product Wins IF&Red Dot Design Awards
Yaham Visionmax(Yaham VMX), a subsidiary of Yaham, has gained recognition for their VN series, which has received two iF Design Awards and one Red Dot Design Award. These prestigious accolades are a testament to Yaham VMX’s commitment to innovative and differentiated product research and development, as well as their exceptional design advantages.

2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham

Hefei’s First UHD 4K Naked-eye LED Display Over 1000㎡
The LED spectacular is around 40m(132ft) by 25m(84ft) in size, with a total area of over 1,000m²(10,764ft²), employing P10mm pixel pitch and processing over 10 million pixels. With a 135° seamless transition, it boosts the 3D anamorphic animation effect, perfectly blending the sharp corner into the facade to give images in a more vivid and dynamic manner.

2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham

Chinese Rose Petal-shaped Screen Featuring Local Culture
The LED sculpture in Yueji Town consists of 12 Chinese rose petals, which can realize smooth switch of opening and closing as if a real Chinese rose. This creative LED display integrates the local culture into design, establishing the city image while maximizing the commercial value.

2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham

VN Plus Shines At K-Pop Concert
The VN Plus Series rental stage LED display played dazzling pictures and abundant contents in K-pop concert which gathered celebrities with huge followings, enhancing the atmosphere of the scene and bringing a more exciting performance.

2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham

Province’s Largest DOOH Appears On Henan TV
Located in the central “兴” shaped intersection of the premium commercial district, the screen at Youyi Building in Zhengzhou is recognized as the province’s largest digital out-of-home with 16K resolution. As soon as it was completed, it was involved in the filming and recording of a cultural show titled 2023 Adventures on Mid-Autumn Festival produced by Henan TV, which has gained 3.7 billion views on the entire network.

2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham

Engaging In Virtual Production
In 2023, Yaham Visionmax(Yaham VMX) has engaged in virtual production by cooperating with Vu Studio, the largest virtual production studio in North America on the virtual shooting and production of new product launch. In the future, Yaham VMX will continue to expand global markets and push the boundaries of XR technology to a new height.

2023 Yaham Achievements Highlights - yaham

Yaham Lighting Wins Top 10 Chinese LED Lighting Brands
In the 4th China Lighting Engineering Products and Service Bidding&Procurement Evaluation, Yaham was included in the ranking of Top 10 Chinese LED Lighting Brands in 2023 And Top 100 Chinese Lighting Suppliers in Comprehensive Strength in 2023.

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