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A Landmark Splendor Revitalizes the City

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A Landmark Splendor Revitalizes the City - yaham

Basic Info of Splendor
Spanning an area of 500㎡(5,381ft²), the LED screen benefits from a brightness of 6000nits and a refresh rate of 3840hz. With a 90° seamless transition, the LED screen perfectly matches with the irregular shape of building and makes the full image effect without an embarrassing black line/gap in the corner, activating its advertising potential and transforming the dust into a gold advertising area.

A Landmark Splendor Revitalizes the City - yaham

Unleash Creativity
The LED screen is located in Tianjin Heping INCITY (INCITY), situated in the golden mile with a large passenger flow. INCITY exhibits youthfulness in every aspect, with technological and futuristic elements running throughout. It aims at revitalizing the city.

After fully comprehending its ideal of building a brand-new space combining the elements of fashion, humanism, vitality and ecology and so on, we employed the patented seamless corner design according the architecture of the project itself, to maximize the aesthetic appeal and concept promotion of the mall to the fullest extent.

An Eye-catching naked-eye 3D animation together with the mall’s well-designed theme activities, and diversified trendy brands have all refreshed our impression from the senses, achieved better promotion effect and revitalized Tianjin City.

A Landmark Splendor Revitalizes the City - yaham

A Landmark Splendor Revitalizes the City - yaham

Related Product Introduction
The large screen in INCITY utilizes Yaham Outdoor Series Products(S4 Series and SC Series), which are strong enough to operate stably in outdoor environment.

The product is designed with a new large-size profile aluminium cabinet, offering a wide range of optional sizes for easy creation of large screens in all sizes.

It is equipped with a waterproof and breathable valve to effectively prevent condensation, fogging and deformation of the module due to temperature difference, and to provide heat dissipation channels for the module.

Featuring dual voltage input, it consumes power 15% less than that of ordinary LED display on the condition of same brightness, effectively decreasing display attrition rate and prolonging the service life. Optional high-brightness SMD lamp with brightness up to 10000 nits allows the product to be clearly displayed in strong sunlight out-of-home.

Expertise of Landmark
Specializing in customized fields for over 20 years, we have completed more than 20,000 cases in about 112 countries worldwide. Some classic landmarks include the biggest UHD 8K naked-eye 3D spectacular in both Changsha and Guangzhou city, Roman-style Marquee at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Tri-fold seamless corner facade created exclusively for promoting the Tokyo Olympics in Thailand and so on. These installations act as a reinvention and symbol of a brand, area, or even a city and garner attention from millions of consumers online & offline every day, maximizing the advertising effect for advertisers, brands and communities.

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