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All-in-one LED Display Applications In China

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All-in-one LED Display Applications In China - yaham

All-in-one LED display is a large format display, with all components housed within a unique device. Among professionals, video walls are well known for their complexity of installation and operation, but this new type of video wall smoothly addresses such issues by offering an integrated display solution that is easy to set up, use, and manage, while delivering advanced visual performance in any setting.

According to the “Mainland China Small Pitch LED Market Analysis Report” released by RUNTO, in 2023, the shipments of the all-in-one LED display in mainland China have exceeded 5,000 units.

In terms of application fields, government and enterprise applications play a dominant role, accounting for 64%. Business applications occupy 26%, including conferences and exhibitions, hotel banquets, digital exhibitions.

Educational applications make up 7%. Applications such as medical training and terminal control account for 3%.

In government, enterprise and business applications, there are multiple display solutions optional for conferences and exhibitions such as all-in-one LED display, LCD splicing screen, oversized LCD screen, and projector. What makes all-in-one LED display stand out from them?

LCD splicing screen exists obvious seams, resulting in poor visual experience. Oversized LCD screen is limited in size which is no more than 120 inches. The projector has high requirements on the indoor environment and light, which is easy to create a dark room with depressing atmosphere. The all-in-one LED display is spliced by each LED display unit, which can easily realize a large screen of more than 100 inches with no visual seams. In addition, its flexible installation, easy maintenance and portable feature make it a ideal solution for indoor use.

The current disadvantage of all-in-one LED display is price. Although the price of the P1.56 135-inch all-in-one LED product is within 100,000 yuan, there is still a large cost gap compared to other technologies. Therefore, the breakthrough path for all-in-one display manufacturers is to reduce production cost and deliver high cost-effective solution.

In education applications, all-in-one LED display is increasingly used in teaching and reporting. More significantly, the introduction of related policy has stimulated the growth of this market effectively. The “Interactive Electronic Whiteboard” standard issued by the Ministry of Education clearly stipulates that classroom larger than 70 square meters (more than 50 people) must be equipped with a display device with a display size of at least 100 inches. It provides a new direction for enterprises to seek new growth areas.

All-in-one LED display has been developing in the market for 5 years. As LED display pricing becomes more competitive overall, it is expected that all-in-one LED display market will have strong continued expansion within 3-5 years.

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