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Anniversary Celebrations Mark 21 Years of Success for Yaham

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Yaham Optoelectronics Group(Yaham), China’s leading high-end LED display solution provider, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, celebrated its 21st anniversary on August 20.

Anniversary Celebrations Mark 21 Years of Success for Yaham - yaham

The event not only commemorated the company’s rich history but also emphasized its unwavering commitment to accelerated high-quality development and its vision of becoming a world-class enterprise.

On this special day, Yaham launched series of anniversary-themed celebrations at its Shenzhen headquarters to thank its employees, partners and customers for their support and trust over the years.

Raise Your Glass to Wish Yaham Happy Birthday
Yaham celebration reception was held in TongTai Times Hotel. Yaham President Zhu delivered a speech, thanking all employees for their hard work all along and expressing the company’s dedication to achieving even more fruitful results in high-quality development and to enhancing the strength of made-in-China products. Over the past 21 years, the loyalty, wisdom and sweat of generations of Yaham employees have propelled the company’s growth, expansion and innovation. Never forget the original intention and forge ahead, a better future is created by every Yaham employee.

Afterwards, the three founders of the Yaham and Mr. Zhu, the President of the Yaham, and Mr. Jiao, the Executive President of the Yaham, cut the cake and poured champagne together to celebrate the happy birthday of Yaham.

Anniversary Celebrations Mark 21 Years of Success for Yaham - yaham

Delicate Activity Scene Exhibits Corporate Culture and Deliveries Happiness
Walking into the showroom on the first floor of Building D, what caught our eyes were the scenes with Yaham theme color for employees to take photos. Colorful balloons, orange photo background, a pile of Coke with the company’s logo and decoration cubes printed by the theme words”Thanksgiving for you, hand in hand”, and the anniversary video playing overhead… The joy of birthday was in the air. Every employee who came to take photos could share the happiness of birthday, and every customer who came to visit would feel the united, harmonious and positive corporate culture.

Anniversary Celebrations Mark 21 Years of Success for Yaham - yaham

A Tug-of-War Competition Brought Employees Closer to Each Other
To promote team spirit, enhance cohesion and create a civilized and harmonious corporate cultural atmosphere, Yaham organized a tug-of-war competition for the 21st anniversary at the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen in the afternoon of August 18th. Senior leaders of the company came to the scene to cheer for the participants. After more than an hour of fierce competition, the lighting production team, warehouse team and transportation team won the top three of the competition from night teams. Mr. Zhu, the President of the Yaham, and Mr. Jiao, the Executive President of the Yaham, awarded prizes to the top three teams and took photos together.、

The tug-of-war competition brought employees closer to each other, showed the spirit of enterprising and unity and further facilitated employees to work harder.

Anniversary Celebrations Mark 21 Years of Success for Yaham - yaham

Traditional Running Activity Inherits the Spirit of Yaham
Running has been a traditional sport of Yaham for many years. The purpose of the running activity is to work and live better with a strong body, and to pass on the concept of “Healthy life, Happy work”.

The anniversary running activity was held at 6:00 a.m. on August 20, with optional routes of 8KM and 21KM around Lixin Lake. Shandong subsidiary also organized the running activity at the same time. Everyone was uniformly dressed in the anniversary T-shirt. Before the start of the activity, the participants did warm-up exercises and took photos. Unexpectedly, it was a heavy rainstorm before running. However, Yaham employees still completed the running with happiness and sweating all the way, overcoming the difficulties. There were food, functional drinks, water and other supplies at the finish to provide logistical support for this event.

Anniversary Celebrations Mark 21 Years of Success for Yaham - yaham

The 21st anniversary is a new start for Yaham. In the coming years, Yaham will continuously provide superior service, promote technological innovation, and realize product upgrading, making more contributions to the development of China’s display industry.

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