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Crafting Memories To Last A Lifetime In The Mid-Autumn Festival

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Crafting Memories To Last A Lifetime In The Mid-Autumn Festival - yaham

To the Chinese, Mid-Autumn Festival means family reunion and peace. Many traditional and meaningful celebrations such as eating mooncakes, having dinner with family, gazing at and worshipping the moon, and lighting lanterns are held in this day.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approached, Yaham together with Qiaotou labor union organized an traditional crafts DIY activity in company.

Crafting Memories To Last A Lifetime In The Mid-Autumn Festival - yaham

The traditional crafts DIY activity included making lanterns and decorating moon-shaped fans with dried flowers.

Crafting Memories To Last A Lifetime In The Mid-Autumn Festival - yaham

For the Chinese, lanterns have not only lit up the night, but also illuminated hearts that long for home. In the activity, what Yaham’s employees made were sculpture paper lanterns. Under the help of tutorial video and colleagues, the maker first installed the lamp into the frame, then pasted paper cuttings layer by layer, finally put the lid and attached the handle, and an exquisite paper sculpture lantern was finished. Switching on the lantern, you would see an lovely rabbit jumping in the clouds. As a mascot of Mid-Autumn Festival which symbolizes auspiciousness and happiness, rabbit has become increasingly popular in this joyous festival.

Crafting Memories To Last A Lifetime In The Mid-Autumn Festival - yaham

As a common decoration in Mid-Autumn Festival, moon-shaped fan symbolizes reunion and happiness. In ancient China, Chinese people had a custom of making moon-shaped fans and giving them to each other to express their best wishes. In the activity, there were dried flowers, glue and blank fans prepared for participants to create their unique works. They got their creative juice flowing to place and paste dried flowers carefully. After a while, blank moon-shaped fans were filled with drawings.

Finally, participants took a group photo with their works as a souvenir. This activity enriched staff’s spare life, enhanced team cohesion and inherited traditional culture, crafting memories to last a lifetime for every Yaham’s employee.

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