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How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas

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The “8 Minutes in Beijing” at the closing ceremony of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics amazed audiences around the world.

Among them, the transparent display screen with a strong sense of technology, as a classic case of transparent screen application, is still widely spread on the Internet.

How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham

After a lapse of 4 years, the application scope of LED transparent screens has become more and more extensive.

It is mainly used in large shopping malls, chain stores, corporate exhibition halls, airports, science and technology museums,

Advertising media and other places with glass curtain walls, creating a trendy new effect,

Played a very good role in advertising, effectively helping advertisers to increase product sales.

How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham

Now, with the overall technological maturity of the LED display industry chain, while prices have declined

Various creative new concepts burst out in a short period of time, allowing the living space of LED transparent displays to gradually expand.

The application of transparent LED display can be seen in the tall buildings standing in the city during the day and the traffic flow at the beginning of the lantern.

When the glass curtain wall is closely related to the advertising function, what should the best “companion” of the glass curtain wall be?

At present, there are two types of transparent screen products on the market according to the lighting method: front lighting and side lighting.

Front Lighting

The front lighting technology is adopted, that is, according to the standard of conventional LED display, the LED lamp beads are attached to the front of the PCB board.

And generally there is a backplane to avoid light pollution behind the screen. Generally used in window glass, airports, shopping malls, auto shows, stages, etc.

How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham

Side Lighting

Using side-emitting technology, the side-mounted type installs the LED lamp beads on the upper or lower side of the light bar.

Because of its higher permeability than the former, it is more used in scenes that require lighting such as building curtain walls, atriums, and sky curtains.

How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham

Product light transmittance

Light transmittance refers to the light transmittance efficiency of displays and other equipment, and the level of transmittance will directly affect the indoor aesthetics,

lighting, and display effects. Permeability generally depends on two factors:

Pixel spacing (the larger the spacing, the higher the transmittance) and the proportion of module structure shading (the smaller the proportion, the higher the transmittance).

The simplified calculation formula of the transparency of the transparent screen is:

Transparency = (hollow area/total area)*100%.

However, there is no unified standard for its calculation method in the industry for the time being, and the calculation methods of manufacturers are different.

In some cases, only the main part of the light bar and light board is calculated, that is, the shading of devices such as the power box is not included.

There is a significant difference between the values ​​at the same distance, resulting in an unsatisfactory viewing experience.

Because the transparent screen has the advantage of transparency, some manufacturers on the market pursue higher permeability for numbness.

To save the cost of materials, such as choosing a thinner PCB, etc., to reduce the structural shading ratio, the corresponding

The structural strength and stability and durability are obviously insufficient, which directly affects the advertising experience.

yaham uses high-quality raw materials, such as 6-layer PCB boards (commonly 4 layers or even only 2 layers in the market), in order to pursue better performance,

Specially customized lamp beads with smaller volume, and after continuous optimization of product structure and design, the actual permeability of Yuanheng products can reach up to 80%.

How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham

Product display effect

Transparent screens are generally fixed on the window curtain wall, elevator floors, or hoisted in high-exposure locations such as the atrium canopy of large supermarkets.

A viewing angle of at least 120° is required, and a high refresh rate is required to avoid screen jitter, water ripples and other phenomena that affect punching.

At the same time, the cabinet needs to be high-level and seamless splicing to avoid screen borrowing, bright and dark lines, etc., which affect the viewing experience.

yaham uses a customized transparent screen dedicated IC, with a refresh rate of up to 3840hz, to ensure that the screen is not delayed and stuck;

Adopt patented slider technology, and imported high-density connectors to ensure seamless splicing with high flatness; hidden wiring design on the back,

The wire is not exposed, and the appearance is better. And develop targeted products according to different application scenarios to meet customer needs,

In order to achieve the best display effect and scene fusion.

For example, the side-illuminated C3 series is developed for atrium applications, with a 160° ultra-wide viewing angle, and a 3-meter large box with fewer splices and more transparent, enabling full-size display.

How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham

Light and flexible

In order to meet the particularity of transparent screen application scenarios (limited by factors such as space and high-altitude suspension),

It is necessary to ensure that the screen body is light, thin and transparent, and the structural load-bearing burden is small enough to create unlimited opportunities for upgrading;

At the same time, it can be installed efficiently and quickly spliced, and the size is flexible, which can save labor and construction costs.

In response to market demand, Yuanheng has adopted a lightweight design, and the weight of the finished product is as low as 8kg/sqm.

Applicable to various installation methods; a single light bar is the smallest unit, and the length of the light bar can be arbitrarily cut.

Strong variability, can be deeply customized according to the scene, avoid the fulcrum and fit perfectly with the keel,

Restore the requirements of the special-shaped concept; at the same time, it has both front and rear maintenance, and realizes quick disassembly and assembly.

How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham

Stable protection

Most transparent screens are used in street-facing scenarios and need to withstand many tests such as ultraviolet rays, high temperature, and cold;

The transparent screen is composed of slender light bars as a whole. If the manufacturer uses insufficient materials and the craftsmanship is not precise,

This will lead to problems such as insufficient strength of the light bar and unstable soldering, which greatly increases the risk of components falling off and damage during transportation, loading and unloading.

Among them, positive light-emitting products need to install a light-transmitting backplane on the front as protection, some manufacturers in order to reduce costs,

Acrylic and PVC that are not resistant to high temperature and will be deformed and discolored are used instead, which directly affects the display effect of the screen after a long time.

yaham C0 and C4 series and other positive light-emitting products are made of industrial-grade PC materials, which are resistant to high temperature and UV.

Guarantee long-term operation without shape and discoloration; at the same time break the conventional module design thinking, adopt the original patented embedded design,

form a whole. This not only ensures good protection of the PCB and lamp beads, no dark shadow in front of the screen, no reflection behind the screen, but also avoids indoor light pollution.

How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham
Because the transparent screen is mostly installed near the glass, whenever it encounters humid conditions such as “returning to the south sky”, “rainy season”, “lakeside sea view”, etc.
It is easily affected by the moisture and moisture of the glass, and will cause faults such as dead lights and short circuits, which will affect the display and service life of the screen.
yaham took the lead in reaching strategic cooperation with lamp bead manufacturers to customize the design of waterproof lamp beads, which minimized the dampness of lamp beads.
resulting failure rate. In addition, yaham after-sales team also regularly reminds users to pay attention to controlling the temperature and humidity of the environment,
Screen preheating, maintenance operations, etc., effectively ensure the normal operation of the screen and the effect of advertising.
How to Pick the Right Glass Companion for Your Advertising Ideas - yaham

yaham released a variety of C series LED products according to the current market demand,

The transparent screen market has been greatly supplemented and improved. On the one hand, from a technical perspective,

The optimization of product performance has been completed, and on the other hand, various application scenarios have been broadened.

In order to meet the diverse needs of users, we provide matching products,

Become the best “companion” to realize the advertising creativity of glass curtain wall.

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