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New 85 FOOT Digital Marquee – The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace

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The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace debuts its new 85-foot digital marquee on the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

Check out the video of it in action below.

New 85 FOOT Digital Marquee – The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace - yaham

When The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace first opened its doors, high-fashion, luxury retail, and celebrity chefs had not yet made its way to the famous Las Vegas Strip. That all changed when Simon Property Group revealed a first-of-its-kind retail destination complete with distinctive Roman streetscape, painted-sky ceilings, talking statues and an array of celebrated designers, shops, and restaurants. Today, 25 years later, the premier shopping destination boasts another first by revealing a new, state-of-the-art digital marquee.

Conceived and designed by Simon Property Group and built by YESCO, the double-faced sign stands 85-feet tall and is covered with an abundance of Yaham LED panels. The unique sign simulates a classical Roman building façade complete with Corinthian-inspired columns, but with a surface area boasting more than 6,000 square-feet of LED, the one-of-a-kind sign can be programmed to instantly go from replicating an ancient Roman gateway structure to an haute couture fashion runway animation in the blink of an eye.

New 85 FOOT Digital Marquee – The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace - yaham

In addition to providing seamless, visual clarity, the freestanding sign enables pedestrians to pass through underneath along the sidewalk of the Las Vegas Strip.

Excluding the two footings, the mammoth structure is 41 feet wide and weighs 158,000 pounds – more than half of which is steel.

“In addition to serving as a visually-stunning beacon of awareness, the new marquee dramatically enhances the main entrance plaza creating an awe inspiring experience for our visitors,” said Chip Harding, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Simon Property Group. “The eye-catching marquee is perfectly positioned at the center of the famed Las Vegas Boulevard creating powerful impressions for brands and retailers in the heart of Las Vegas.”

The spectacular content of the signage is created by Moment Factory, a multimedia entertainment studio specializing in the conception and production of immersive environments combining video, lighting, architecture, animation, sound and is powered by Acquire Digital using a custom built (CMS) content management system that provides the ability to effortlessly change and schedule content to create remarkable visitor experiences.

New 85 FOOT Digital Marquee – The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace - yaham

“Moment Factory was thrilled by the invitation of Simon Property Group to collaborate and apply our studio’s broad experience in high-emotion entertainment to the challenge of creating eye-catching, engaging content for this next-generation digital landmark. The Marquee’s shape opens a universe of possibilities for our creative content, not only to attract and enthrall visitors but to engage them with The Forum Shops at Caesars identity and information,” said Christian L’Heureux, Producer, Moment Factory.

The Forum Shops pylon sets a new standard in exterior signage on The Strip by creating complex architectural shapes such as classical Roman columns and pediments that are built not just from the traditional noble materials of stone and steel but from light itself.

Each curve and cornice are comprised of LEDs, empowering the very architectural frame of the sign to be programmed with content that enhances and complements the various creative and commercial messages that are displayed.

New 85 FOOT Digital Marquee – The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace - yaham

“We were pleased to work on this visually stunning and technically advanced sign,” said Neil Farr, Managing Director, Acquire Digital. “Enabling individual scheduling of each element of the pylon and window screens whilst synchronizing the players, wrapping the content around the 3D shapes, and making never-ending playout using animated transitions is the first of its type in the world and Acquire is proud to deliver it.”

Marking its milestone 25th anniversary this year, The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace is home to more than 160 distinctive retailers and restaurants and remains among the top-performing retail destinations worldwide.

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