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Respect our wonderful struggle this year!

2022 News 10300

Years do not live, time flows, 2021 has passed quietly. This year was an extraordinary year for the company. The construction of the company’s three business divisions: Smart Display, Lighting, and Transportation continued to accelerate, breakthroughs were made in key product capabilities, basic management continued to be consolidated, and the company’s development also entered a fast lane.

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Yaham proactively adapts to market changes and is guided by customer needs, customizing display system solutions to meet customers’ individual requirements. Open the timeline and let us review the results of our joint efforts in this year.

Domestic classic case

In early May, Shenzhen’s first flat, naked-eye 3D screen made by Yaham landed in Dingfeng Building in Luohu District. This 600㎡ outdoor LED giant display embedded in it immediately became a new check-in point in Luohu, giving the building a new vigor. .

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

Shenzhen Dingfeng Building Project
In June, Yaham’s industrial and mining lamps were used as lighting fixtures in the assembly workshop of light trucks and new energy vehicles, providing a total of more than 700 industrial and mining lamps for the nearly 50,000 square-meter assembly workshop of Qingdao FAW Group.

The original technical requirements of the project are 240W, 200W, and 100W. After being redesigned and improved by Yaham’s engineers, the actual lamps used are 200W, 150W and 80W, which can still meet the relevant national technical standards and meet the needs of the project. To achieve the goal of green and energy-saving and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

Qingdao FAW Group Project

In December, the newly upgraded Yangmao Expressway adopted the two-way eight-lane standard to rebuild and expand. The width of the roadbed was increased from the original 28 meters to 42 meters, and the traffic speed was 120 kilometers per hour. The vehicle traffic capacity was significantly improved. In order to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, Yaham traffic screen plays an important role in this highway.

In this project, Yaham has a total of DT16 station front screens, D32 dual-color and full-color door frame screens, and variable information information boards and other LED traffic display screens are used in the construction of this smart highway.

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

Yangmao Expressway Project

In addition, in the Shuangshui Interchange from Jiangmen Section of the Zhongkai Expressway to the Fengshan Interchange Project, the Zhongkai Expressway serves as a key provincial transportation project connecting the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Passage and Western Guangdong. The Zhongshan section has a total length of 44 kilometers.

Yaham provided a total of about 100 LED display screens in the project, covering multiple products such as full-color small-pitch screens, variable information information boards, and information release screens.

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

Zhongkai Expressway Project

In the same month, Yaham built two outdoor LED displays for Qianhai, Vientiane, Shenzhen. One with a total area of 193.64 square meters, and the other with a total area of 444.596 square meters, is the largest LED display in Vientiane City. The two screens match the design of the building, leading the new fashion of aesthetic art combining display art and architecture.

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

The side entrance of the mall -444.596㎡

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

Outdoor plaza -193.64㎡

Overseas classic case

This year, Yaham lighted up two outdoor DT8 full-color screens in Times Square in the United States. As the classic product S series launched by Yaham Optoelectronics, after more than ten years of product upgrades and technology accumulation, it is now from Shenzhen to New York Times Square. , You can see it.

Times Square, the United States, is located in Manhattan, New York, the world’s highest-traffic plaza business district (about 1.5 million passengers per day), known as the “crossroads of the world”. At that time, the world’s major brands will board the Yaham LED screen in Times Square in the United States, standing at the crossroads of the world, demonstrating the infinite charm of the brand.

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

American Times Square Project

Not only that, Yaham also created a Sports Bar for Encore Boston Harbor, the first casino resort in Boston.

Yaham’s customized LED display solutions not only provide fans with a more comfortable and immersive game interactive experience, but also provide a brand display window for Encore’s Boston

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

Wynn Encore Boston Harbor Casino Project

In addition, in the field of lighting, this year’s LED stadium lights from Yaham officially light up the ice hockey arena in Russia. The LED stadium light uses a small-angle light distribution, which can not only easily reach the ground illuminance value required by the project, but also ensure that the stadium has a vertical illuminance uniformity of up to 0.8 and a horizontal illuminance uniformity of 0.9.

High-standard lighting not only allows live audiences to better enjoy every minute and second on the field, but also allows athletes to have better dynamic vision, while meeting the needs of 4K HD live broadcast.

Respect our wonderful struggle this year! - yaham

Russian ice hockey stadium

In 2021, we will leave a colorful footprint; in 2022, we will paint the future wonderful! Yaham will use more professional and high-quality display system solutions to create value for customers, and become a trusted engineering and service expert worldwide in the fields of high-end LED display, lighting and transportation.

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