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Yaham reveals high-end LED display solutions at ISE2020

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On 11th, February 2020, Integrated Systems Europe 2020 (ISE2020), the world’s largest exhibition for AV and systems integration, is hold in RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands. As industry leading LED display manufacturer, Yaham has attended this great event and showcased the latest high-end LED display solutions at booth 8-C166.

Yaham reveals high-end LED display solutions at ISE2020 - yaham
Yaham reveals high-end LED display solutions at ISE2020 - yaham

At ISE2020, Yaham has successfully exhibited leading-edge LED display solutions including fine pixel pitch LED display, transparent screen, sporting LED display, etc.

The transparent screen that firstly launched in ISE2019, is currently unveiled at ISE2020 as well. In the past two years, step by step, Yaham transparent screen solution has gone through with research and development stage, launching on the market lastly. Regarding the newest LED display solution, the transparent screen has become a rock star which is very popular and has been well received by customers. As of now, Yaham transparent screens are sold all over the world. In the year of 2019, Yaham launched C3 series curved transparent screen which was specially designed for glass wall and shop-window in order to meet the needs of sub-segments market.

Yaham reveals high-end LED display solutions at ISE2020 - yaham

The sporting LED display is surely the spotlight of Yaham’s booth at ISE2020. Yaham P0 series perimeter board and R0 series fascia ribbon board have successfully attracted the attention of a large number of customers due to the advantage of high stability, high refresh rate and unique cabinet design.

Furthermore, Yaham CH series center hung LED display, hanging in the center of the booth, has caught every audience’s eyes. The cabinet of CH series center hung LED display is available in two different material designs. The main cabinet is made by aluminum profile, while the bottom and top are made by sheet metal in order to ensure seamless alignment. In addition, Yaham center hung LED display features with a high refresh rate of 3840Hz to eliminate the moiré effect when filmed for live and repeat broadcasting. Moreover, benefited from a gray scale of 16 nits, the images and live broadcasting performance are more delicate contributed that all the details can be fully presented. Powered by Yaham unique patent technology, the four-sided centre suspended arena display can be featured with seamless curved corners, to greatly enhance audience’s viewing experience. Since launched in 2019, Yaham CH series center hung LED display has successfully created numerous projects in sports arenas around the world, and won fairly high reputation from customers both domestic and abroad.

Apart from products mentioned above, Yaham also reveals P1.58mm fine pixel pitch LED display and X3 series indoor panel. On the one hand, as a great breakthrough for meeting room solution, the P1.58mm fine pixel pitch screen can be offered with high stability and seamless cabinet alignment advantage. On other hand, the X3 indoor screen is ultra-light and slim due to the cabinet made by die-cast aluminum material and CNC processed aluminum profile. It is a perfect choice for retail, hotel, licensed trade, restaurant, conference room, corporate reception projects, and so on.

As always, almost all the LED manufacturers and customers have participated in this spectacular exhibition for AV and systems integration. There is no doubt that ISE has become a reference point in the LED display industry. Considering ISE2020 as a guide, Yaham will continue to be devoted to the high-end LED display market. Besides, Yaham will maintain customer focused and provide customers with superior quality service.

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