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Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again

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Luohu District is the earliest urban area developed in Shenzhen. It has witnessed Shenzhen’s urban development. The “Shenzhen Speed”, which was once named after one floor building had been completed in three days, was born here. In addition, it has the first stock exchange, the first futures market, and the first local commercial bank in the country. Nowadays, Luohu District has introduced the first naked-eye 3D LED display built by Yaham in Shenzhen, which once again demonstrates his reform and innovation spirit of “dare to be the first in the world”.

As the 3D Technology Matures Gradually Day by Day, the Naked-eye 3D Large Display Becomes Extremely Popular

With the improvement of current video technology, the application of naked-eye 3D display has been put on the agenda. It means audience could gain an experience as if they were on the scene personally without professional glasses. The naked-eye 3D outdoor large displays based on the application of corners are more and more being used in commercial district, attracting many people and livening up the business district.

At the beginning of May, the first flat naked-eye 3D LED display in Shenzhen, built by Yaham, was successfully lighted up in Dingfeng Building, Luohu District. This new high-tech communication media immediately became Luohu’s new internet-famous site and an important window on the enhancement of city’s image.

Dingfeng Building is located near the Mixc City in the Dongmen Pedestrian Street business district in Luohu District. It is a building with a certain age and has now been completely renewed. The 660 square meters’ outdoor LED display built by Yaham injects new vitality to this old building, so that it can realize more advertising value in the city’s core CBD business circle.

The bubbles 3D effect of Yaham’s LED display on Shenzhen Dingfeng Building

The spaceship 3D effect of Yaham’s LED display on Shenzhen Dingfeng BuildingThis is the N+1th times that Yaham’s outdoor LED display achieves naked-eye 3D ultra-high-definition display. When the content related to spacecraft, aerospace technology is played on the display, you will have an realistic naked-eye 3D visual and sensory immersive experience. The naked-eye 3D outdoor advertising created by Yaham is not only limited to the display of the brands, but also uses artistic content to attract attention, which can better increase the brand value.

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

Yaham’s patent for seamless corner display

The outdoor LED display replacement and upgrading project built by Yaham for Shenzhen Dingfeng Building uses S3 series display with an area of 660 square meters, a width of 22m, and a height of 30m. Adopting high-end imported Japanese lamp beads from Nichia, it is a three-sided seamless double corners display. The LED screen is designed with Yaham’s unique patented seamless corner transition technology, so that it can fully fit various architectural angles, while taking into account the smooth and seamless transition at the corners, eliminating the joint problems that occur in traditional splicing corners, to perfect present the whole display three-dimensional effect. At the same time, this giant outdoor display caters to the current trend of borderless mobile phones and TV, and realizes the edging on both sides through technology and decoration, which makes the overall appearance more beautiful and generous.

Due to the huge display area and long-term operation, power consumption becomes a problem of huge interest. From the perspective of overall cost, even if the brightness of the Yaham’s P16 is as high as 8500-10000 nits, the power consumption is extremely low, which can effectively control the heat emissions of the display. Compared with the traditional products in the market, it can greatly reduce the operating cost.

Big City Commercial Centers Start to Build Their Own Naked-eye 3D Big Displays

At present, key commercial centers in major cities in China began to introduce the naked-eye 3D displays, striving to create the ultimate immersive experience. For a time, the naked-eye 3D large display has even become a fashion standard and strength benchmark for measuring commercial centers or large cities.

The New outdoor naked-eye 3D display built by Yaham is planned to be unveiled in Pengrunda Plaza in Houhai District, Shenzhen in July.

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

Shenzhen Houhai commercial district-night view

As a large city-level business district in Shenzhen, Houhai business district occupies the core position of Shenzhen Bay. Whether it is the atmosphere of the business districts, the surrounding office buildings or luxury residential districts, they all indicate the commercial value of this area. For the newly entered commercial projects, this is not only a huge business opportunity, but also a challenge.

Pengrunda Plaza adopts an outdoor corner LED high-definition display built by Yaham to create a naked-eye 3D internet-famous site, achieving differentiated features and developing together with the business district.

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

Pengrunda Plaza project: on-site real view before construction

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

Pengrunda Plaza project-effect drawing after construction, 50.48m×19.5m

The Pengrunda Plaza project party stated that to create a new beautiful spot in Shenzhen, their first consideration was to use 3D effects to attract passing citizens. Since they were satisfied with Yaham’s quality and service in previous outdoor display cooperation projects, they chose Yaham again to complete this outdoor seamless corner large display project this time. Finally, Yaham’s design proposal has been determined. The Pengrunda Plaza project will adopt Yaham’s unique patented technology to connect three LED flat displays to form a large-area corner display with a total area of 984.36 square meters.

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

In order to meet different installation requirements, Yaham has developed the outdoor corner LED displays with a variety of installation curved surface angles, including 90°, 115°and 135°. A variety of corner angles are able to meet different installation need. At the same time, customized angles are acceptable, so that the audience can enjoy the immersive experience of “there is scenery in their eyes without display”.

With the outdoor cooling fan and efficient fanless silent power supply, the display of Pengrunda Plaza has extraordinary performance of heat dissipation and protection, and remarkable effect of energy saving. Yaham’s products are not just good looking.

Yaham’s Outdoor LED Corner Displays Are All Over the World

As the window of China’s reform and opening up, Shenzhen has grown from a small fishing village to one of China’s four major first-tier cities after decades of development, enjoying the reputation of City of Design and City of Makers. With the upgrade of consumer experience, Luohu District and Shenzhen Bay Houhai area will have their own flat naked-eye 3D displays. Yaham’s LED products witnessed the prosperity and renewal of this city, and promoted scientific development.

In fact, starting from the market sales in 2013, Yaham’s outdoor corner LED display has achieved a seamless corner transition in a true sense, which is an industry technological innovation of special significance. Nowadays, Yaham’s successful project cases are all over the world, such as Guangzhou Autoland, Caesars Palace, Thailand Empire Building and Tianjin Friendship Building, etc., too many to mention.

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

Dundas Square, Toronto, Canada-an area of 772.8 ㎡

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

The north side of Guangzhou Anhuahui-an area of 402 ㎡

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

Chengdu Fusen·Mei Furniture International Home Mall-an area of 366.03㎡

Yaham Won a New 3D Project of 984㎡again - yaham

The Empire State Building of Thailand-an area of 234 ㎡

At present, such a high-definition outdoor corner LED display is installed on the wall of Shenzhen Yaham’s Buiding A.Through product research and development, process integration, upgrades and market tests in recent years, Yaham has become an outstanding representative of a well-known brand in the LED application industry in China going to the world. Yaham is widely recognized by the high-end market and provides customers at home and abroad with a naked-eye 3D display solutions that integrate hardware and software. Numerous successful cases fully demonstrated the Yaham’s product features of complete product lines, excellent performance, stable productivity. Yaham is dedicated to create excellent visual experience for corporate outdoor 3D displays.

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