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Go Forward, YAHAM. Wonderful Review of ISLE-2021 Exhibition

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On May 10-13, Yaham assisted the International Smart Display and System Integration Exhibition/ International Signage and Smart Space Application Exhibition (ISLE 2021) to be successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Hall). More than 300 LED displays created by Yaham operated normally, successfully completing the exhibition’s announcement, service and publicity tasks. At the same time, as an exhibitor, Yaham also showed a wonderful LED display feast to visitors and buyers at Booth D16 in Hall 9.

Go Forward, YAHAM. Wonderful Review of ISLE-2021 Exhibition - yaham

After watching the passionate live video, I believe that you will be excited. Now I will take you to experience the grand occasion of the exhibition.

Yaham exhibited the CH series arena center hung LED display, car roof LED display, X4 series product and transparent display at the ISLE 2021. When you stand on the second floor of Hall 9 and look at the whole exhibition hall, the first thing that comes into your eyes must be the CH series arena center hung LED display hanging high above Yaham’s booth. With a total area of 26 square meters, this display adopts Yaham’s unique invention patent: a sharp-angle transition module cleverly connects the two displays into a whole, so that the display completely fits the angle of structure, and realizes a smooth and seamless transition at the real corner.

Go Forward, YAHAM. Wonderful Review of ISLE-2021 Exhibition - yaham

Right in front of the hanging display, there is Yaham’s X4 series indoor LED display. With standardized cabinet design, high-precision cabinet material, a high greyscale level above 14 bits and a high-refresh IC master control, the display can show a more delicate picture. In addition, the entire display has 3360*1008 ultra-high resolution, so that the pictures run clearly and smoothly. Equipped with Yaham’s image enhancement technology, it brings professional-level visual experience to the audience.

Go Forward, YAHAM. Wonderful Review of ISLE-2021 Exhibition - yaham

The traffic application scene created by Yaham, which showed expressway and leasing solutions to visitors, was also very popular at the exhibition site. It could be seen at the scene that Yaham’s car roof LED display was always surrounded by many visitors. They had never expected that a car roof LED display could have been so smart. Breaking through the traditional design concept, Yaham’s full-color car roof LED display provides a new method for outdoor advertising that is to take car-mounted full-color LED display as a new mobile media platform. The inbuilt GPS module can be used to manage advertising according to different area. It means you can realize targeted advertising. When the vehicle reaches the designated area, it will automatically play the preset content. At the same time, you will receive the display’s real-time feedback of temperature, humidity, and operating information of various components. Moreover, you can remotely management all LED displays through mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Also, the LED display supports WiFi operation to provide passengers with convenient network services.

With innovative and unique design concepts, profound and simple professional solutions, dozens of domestic and foreign patented technologies, Yaham stood out in the fierce competition of thousands of professional brands, and won the ISLE2021 “Technology Enterprise Innovation Award”, “ISLE2021 Display Excellent Product Award” And many other honors.

Go Forward, YAHAM. Wonderful Review of ISLE-2021 Exhibition - yaham
Go Forward, YAHAM. Wonderful Review of ISLE-2021 Exhibition - yaham

Since the establishment 19 years ago, Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd, as a leader in the LED application industry, has a number of patented technologies and commercial display R&D and production capabilities. Covering an area of 4,000 square meters, Yaham has been focusing on R&D, production and sales of LED displays, LED traffic displays and LED lighting products over the years. Its LED display business has occupied majority market share and it was listed on New Third Board in 2014.

Yaham’s LED displays have been widely used in many countries, such as Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou University Town Stadium-home of the Asian Games, home of the Chicago Bull and so on. As a supplier and strategic partner of LED displays for many stadiums and exhibition centers, Yaham is dedicated to provide more high-end customized solution for international competition venues and exhibition centers, to upgrade the venue and stadium layout, to optimize the visual effects, and to bring a more attractive sensory experience for the audience.

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