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Yaham X4 to bring your display ideas to life

2020 News 9190

With the continuous development of LED displays,  the R & D of a product, production, and sales models have changed greatly from the past. Enterprises have gradually shifted from single product sales to integrated solutions, and their products have moved into more subdivided areas. However, no matter how the LED display market is segmented, the status of indoor fixed LED display cannot be shaken.

Recently, after a comprehensive market survey, Yaham launched the X4 indoor fixed LED display. It is finalized based on a detailed investigation on dimension,  material and processing methods.

The sizes of indoor fixed boxes on the market are different. In response to the general needs of the market, Yaham uniformly set the size of the X4 product box to 250 × 250 module size and 500 × 1000 box size, results in easily cabint assemblely and interchangeable sreen sizes.

Yaham X4 to bring your display ideas to life - yaham

As we all know, the cabinet is one of the most important factors in the quality of LED display products. The material of the cabinet determines the effective heat dissipation and weight of the product. The processing method of the cabinet affects the flatness of the product and the size of the seam betwwen every two cabinets.  X4 adopts profile frame and cooperates with CNC processing to ensure product flatness and splicing accuracy. At the same time, the corners of the profile are equipped with reinforced corners to make the box more secure.

Yaham X4 to bring your display ideas to life - yaham

The mask, as the shield of the LED display, plays an important role in the protection of LED beads from UV, direct light, glare, water, and dust, X4 abandoned the traditional mask designand uses a mask design, which effectively avoids the effect of the reflection of the mask screws on the display effect, bringing a new visual experience.

Yaham X4 to bring your display ideas to life - yaham

X4 indoor fixed display is workable in large supermarkets, retail brand stores, media venues and infrastructure facilities. In the future, with the further development and improvement of the city, Yaham’s indoor fixed products will also exert the greatest publicity value for major brands in more indoor places.

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