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YAHAM Help to Build the Porch of the City of Chengdu

2020 News 12660

Chengdu International Commerce Centre (Chengdu ICC), is located in Jinjiang District, Chengdu City. As deeply affected by Hong Kong ICC and Shanghai ICC, Chengdu ICC has rapidly become new landmark of Chengdu City after completed.

YAHAM Help to Build the Porch of the City of Chengdu - yaham

With an area of 1.25 million square meters, two super high-rise buildings regarding as the main body, Chengdu ICC has set up a new porch landmark which is also the porch of the City of Chengdu. Yaham LED project will be installed across the 280 meters high Chengdu ICC twin towers, cost around 17 million RMB. This project will cover different types of Yaham manufactured products including S2, S3, FC, CH series, etc,.  Moreover, Yaham S3 series, the brand-new outdoor screen, is deeply favored by customers due to its ultra-light cabinet design.

YAHAM Help to Build the Porch of the City of Chengdu - yaham

Besides, made by Yaham soft module, circular pillar LED screen will be unveiled in this Chengdu ICC project as well. This project is expected to be officially constructed in June and put into operation within this year. It is believed to be one of brilliant cards of the City of Chengdu.

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