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Christmas gift Happy birthday with you always

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When the familiar bells rang
There are flashing lights on the street
The white-bearded old man in red robe and red hat waved his hands
Dazzling Christmas decorations are also piled up at the entrance of the mall
The lively and cheerful holiday atmosphere is floating in the sky

Christmas gift Happy birthday with you always - yaham

On December 3, 1992, the world’s first text message sent “Merry Christmas” to a mobile phone via a PC on Volfeng’s GSM network in the United Kingdom.

On December 24, 2021, Yaham and the sales team will send you the warmest and sincere wishes, and wish you a Merry Christmas! And sincerely wish Santa Claus: next year will be a peaceful year, to spend Christmas with friends and family with hot pot of mulled wine.

Christmas gift Happy birthday with you always - yaham

When Christmas comes, the New Year will follow one after another. In the festive atmosphere full of blessings, memories of this year always seem so warm and ritual.

Up to now, Yaham works have spread in 112 countries and regions around the world, and have created countless classic cases, becoming landmark buildings in many well-known cities in the world. They shine with their own unique postures, attracting countless citizens and tourists to stop. Watch.

Christmas gift Happy birthday with you always - yaham

In the new year, Dazu Yuanheng will never forget the original intention, carry on with the past, and forge ahead.

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