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Coca-Cola unveiled World’s First 3D Robotic Yaham billboard in Time Square

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On August 8 2017, Coca-Cola, the world’s leading beverage brand officially launched a new outdoor advertising sign made by Yaham in NYC’s Times Square, which had been awarded as the first and largest 3D robotic billboard by Guinness World Records.

Designed and manufactured by Yaham, this six-story 3D robotic billboard consists of 1,760 Yaham LED screens. The most amazing feature is that every single cube of this Yaham LED billboard is able to move independently of one another according to programmed choreography, creating a fascinatingly dynamic transition like a slow wave of water. Owing to the innovate flexibly shifting structure, this 68 foot by 42 foot sign perfectly delivers eye-popping visual experience, successfully catching the attention of exceeding 300,000 audiences who pass by NYC’s Times’ Square. More than that, it has become another great breakthrough in outdoor advertising for Coca-Cola, as well as a new dazzling iconic landmark in Times Square.

“From the beginning, our brief was to create a pause-and-refresh moment in the crowded environment of Times Square,” said Kim Gnatt, group director, Business Strategy, Coca-Cola North America. “Our proprietary 3D technology brings our iconic brands to life in a unique and differentiated way that will hopefully catch people’s attention and make them want to engage for a longer period of time.”

In addition to the visually-stunning motion design, all the contents from the display are specially customized and tailored for the passers-by in line accordance with time of day. For instance, the advertising on the screen can accordingly change image related to lunch with coke during lunch time. Unlike other random playlists, this 24-hour programmed choreography advertising is both creative and timely that can precisely position different customer groups including tourists of NYC’s and office workers.

“Since Coca-Cola’s first appearance in Times Square nearly a century ago, the brand has been a leading innovator, from creating one of the famous intersection’s first neon signs to being one of the only installations with a nighttime light display in the early 1990s,” said Coca-Cola Archivist Ted Ryan. “Times Square-like Coca-Cola-is timeless and connects people from all walks of life.”

Coca-Cola unveiled World’s First 3D Robotic Yaham billboard in Time Square - yaham

Besides, any LED module can be independently serviced since each LED cube is capable of flexibly moving, making maintenance much easier and more convenient. From the perspective of the product performance, this Yaham-made 3D Robotic billboard is believed to stand the test of time. After strict testing and technical improvement, this LED sign has durable stable quality and able to take any challenge of harsh weather condition with high performance.

Just as the Coca-Cola’s case indicated above, our team spare no effort to help you build extraordinary brand image and bring more customers engaged with your brand. As high-end LED display solution provider, our mission is always to differentiate our client’s brand in the way of providing the most creative and customized LED display solution.

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