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From 24th to 27th October 2018, the Indo Sign and Advertising Expo was held at the Jakarta International Expo Center. Yaham has attended this great feast with newly released LED display solutions including transparent LED screen, small spacing LED screen, standard outdoor fixed LED display etc. Booth NO.:BA020.

Yaham attended INDO SIGN&ADVERTISING EXPO 2018 - yaham

About the Indo Sign and Advertising Expo

The Indo Sign and Advertising Expo is generally considered as one of the most professional and internationalized exhibitions in Indonesia. During the same period of the INDO SIGN&ADVERTISING EXPO, there are another three exhibitions of All Print Indonesia Expo, Indonesia Packaging Exhibition, All PACK EXPO and Indonesia LED Exhibition Indo Led & Light Expo. This combined trade show has been successfully held for decades in Indonesia. So far, it came to the 20th Indo Sign and Advertising Expo. For all these years, this great event has built up vast audience and exhibitor resources, as well as become a one-stop shop for buyers from the whole industry chain.

Yaham attended INDO SIGN&ADVERTISING EXPO 2018 - yaham

About Yaham

Being served as a high-end professional LED display and solution provider, Yaham has built up a well-deserved reputation for quality and reliability for 16 years. What’s more, as a LED display manufacturer, Yaham has provided exceeding 20000 installations throughout China and abroad. Regarding the Indo Sign and Advertising Expo 2018, around five new released Yaham LED display solutions and products had been showcased which proved to be a craze in the Indonesian market.

Yaham attended INDO SIGN&ADVERTISING EXPO 2018 - yaham

Yaham Transparent LED Screens

On this trade show, Yaham transparent LED screens including C0 series P3.91 and C1 series P10 indoor fixed transparent screens have demonstrated a more surprising way to advertise along with the most cutting-edge technology. As a totally brand-new solution in this industry, on a large scale, it can be applied into giant glass wall, ceiling video, curtain LED displayed and so on. Featuring light and reliable aluminum architecture, each cabinet is thinner and lighter than you can ever image. Due to the ultra-high transparency and industry-leading display performance, Yaham transparent LED displays have successfully captured a great deal of audience’s attention. So many visitors have been attracted to stop by the stand and took photos with the transparent screens.  

Yaham attended INDO SIGN&ADVERTISING EXPO 2018 - yaham

Yaham S3 Standard LED Display

After thousands of updates and transformations from previous Yaham S series, this S3 series standard LED display is specially designed for outdoor fixed application. Along with IP65 front and rear standards, it is highly competent for outdoor environment since it is resistant to dust, water and weatherproof. More than that, smart modules of this S3 LED screen can enable you to operate much easier and more convenient. Because smart modules are able to work by independent identification, store calibration data,as well as monitoring temperature and voltage.

Apart from transparent screen and S3 standard LED display, Yaham also brought T1.875 small spacing LED screen and YS series billboard to this great event. It is not the only mission for Yaham to design and produce LED display solutions. More importantly, Yaham is able to deliver your concept from start to finish, and create as much as possible value for you.

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