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Expert Team Visits Yaham For Headquarters Land Issue

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Recently, the expert team from relevant government departments of Longgang District, Shenzhen, visited Yaham to evaluate the construction planning of its headquarters. The purpose of this visit is to gain a deeper understanding of the construction planning and the multi-dimensional impact on local economic revitalization, environmental protection, and social benefits after the project is completed.

Expert Team Visits Yaham For Headquarters Land Issue - yaham

Yaham said that since its establishment in Shenzhen in 2002, it has steadily developed in Shenzhen for over 20 years under the support from the local government. Leveraging Shenzhen’s advantages in foreign trade, Yaham’s foreign trade exports currently account for over 85%, with a compound annual growth rate exceeding 40% in the past three years and a tax contribution of over 120 million yuan in the same period. Despite the rapid growth of Yaham, its further development is restricted by the existing limited space. To solve this problem, relevant government departments in Longgang District have provided a series of land support and specific guidance for Yaham, enabling it to achieve new heights.

Expert Team Visits Yaham For Headquarters Land Issue - yaham

Both parties expressed that endowed with geographic advantages, the location which Yaham intends to apply occupies a prime and strategic position for long-term development of the enterprise. It is about 20 minutes’ drive from Luohu District, the birthplace of Shenzhen’s commercial trade, with convenient transportation. Additionally, a cluster of technology industry and headquarters economy has formed there and will be larger, including nearly 10 high-tech companies’ headquarters. Moreover, Longgang District is home to several universities and vocational colleges, facilitating companies in recruiting talents for sales, research and development, and operation.

The project covers approximately 20 Chinese acres of industrial land, adjacent to a national-level scenic area. It is expected to be developed into an integrated Industry-Academia-Research Headquarters Base, featuring 50,000 square meters of space for headquarters offices, research and development centers, laboratories, high-end product manufacturing workshops, employee apartments, and more. Longgang District government is dedicated to establishing an excellent business environment, attracting more enterprises to settle, creating more job opportunities and boosting the local economy.

Expert Team Visits Yaham For Headquarters Land Issue - yaham
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