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Yaham New Outdoor Weatherproof & Wireless Cabinet Is Ready For Sale

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On Sep. 8 2015, Yaham unveiled its new generation of weatherproof module many of our customers expressed their congratulations as well as expectations towards this new module after receiving our product release newsletter. Today, Yaham is very proud to bring the new cabinet X0, which designed for the pre-released module, to public and announce this new cabinet is ready for sale. As a product epitomizes Yaham’s experiences in terms of outdoor led display in more than a decade, it explicitly demonstrates Yaham status as a led display company of strength.

Yaham New Outdoor Weatherproof & Wireless Cabinet Is Ready For Sale - yaham

“ Wireless and easy-to-use point out a direction of the development of led display, as the relentless march of technology and industrial civilization, the led display is also constantly moving to a higher level, the traditional cabinet we are using today, presumably, is likely to be abandoned as it has failed many applications which has special requirements, for instance, the weight. Creating a most practical and status-of-art led display is the thing we are doing and will never get tired of. I would like to say that the market, together with our resolution to create something better accelerate the birth of this cabinet” Said Wu Chaosheng in a interview in Chinese, Wu, a senior designer in Yaham Industrial Design Center.

“X0 is a product come out from Yaham yesr’s experience in outdoor led display, every detail of X0 was thought out and gone through again and again. It is an open structure with weatherproof module mounted on it, as the way we did for all of Yaham outdoor products, X0 can also be serviced from both front and rear, moreover, there is no any visible wire outside.The whole cabinet is reduced and simplified until what we had which is mostly practical and beautiful we could have, it is so simple but special, it may seem very thin and light, but it is a cabinet of strength, and created in accordance with Yaham’s low-profile character”. Said Zhong Tao, the CTO of Yaham, wrote above in a product evaluation.

Following are the main features of X0, helping you to know more about this new product.

  1. Wireless connection, instead of signal cable, PCB serving as signal carrier, it enhances signal stability.
  2. Individually distributed signal , any failure of any module will cause no ripple effect to other modules.
  3. The entire cabinet is solidly modeled into a triangle shield, it significantly increases its stability improve heat dissipation performance.
  4. Ultra light cabinet with a thickness of only 88mm, about 40% less than that weight of regular cabinet, it saves cost for transportation and labor.
  5. The specially designed 90° rotating lock system enable anyone to easily service from both rear and front.
  6. High refresh rate and gray scale, X0 could always display flawlessly to naked eyes or cameras.
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