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Yaham Traffic Helps the Universiade to Be Held Successfully

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A complete infrastructure is indispensable for a modern large-scale event, since an efficient transportation system enables to guarantee athletes and spectators to arrive at the venue smoothly. Since the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, Yaham Traffic Sign Dept. (Yaham Traffic) has been dedicated to providing high-quality variable message signs(VMS) and comprehensive service for large-scale events.

Yaham Traffic Helps the Universiade to Be Held Successfully - yaham

Chenglongjian Expressway(Up)、Jinjianren Expressway(Down)

As the main supplier of traffic guidance signs for Beijing Olympic Games, Yaham Traffic has provided more than 100pcs LED traffic displays and ensured their 24/7 trouble-free operation during the Olympic Games. The road signs made by Yaham Traffic for this Universiade play an important role in assuring traffic safety and navigation during the event.

Yaham Traffic Helps the Universiade to Be Held Successfully - yaham

Yaham LED traffic signs are used to two newly planned expressways in Chengdu, namely Chenglongjian Expressway and Jinjianren Expressway. These two expressways serve as the supporting projects for the 31st Chengdu Universiade to facilitate transportation, which connect the north of Tianfu International Airport and the north-south direction of “Eastward development strategy in Chengdu” area. It takes only 40 minutes to drive from Huaizhou New city to Tianfu International Airport, further enhancing the efficiency of transportation during the Universiade.

Yaham LED traffic signs in two expressways not only meet the requirements of road planning, but also create two expressways into veritable “smart roads”. There are 24pcs pillar information signs, 300pcs ramp control signs and preview signs, and 104 set lane control signs on these two expressways. Intelligent lane control sign on the top of the lane is connected with the regional control unit, which accepts commands from the command center and can send feedback to the command center. Intelligent solutions play a better role in this control and guidance system.

Featuring high-efficiency LED chips, low-voltage driver IC, sleep mode and secondary optical design, Yaham latest energy-saving traffic guidance sign consumes power 30% less than that of ordinary LED display on the condition of same resolution, with intelligent system that is able to adjust brightness according environment lighting condition. Yaham led traffic signs utilize high-quality LED chips with three-year to five-year warranty. Some of Yaham urban intelligent products have operated flawlessly for over 10 years, exceeding expectation in terms of reliability and performance. In addition, Yaham LED traffic signs are also able to connect with cameras or all kinds of sensors, lane control signs and other equipment together to release lane information through the commands from the command center.

Yaham Traffic Helps the Universiade to Be Held Successfully - yaham

LED traffic signs are mainly used in outdoor field such as urban roads, expressways and so on, therefore, high protection is required for them to operate in harsh condition. Complying with IP66 ingress protection level and EN12966 requirements, featuring advance lightning protection components with power and signal double protection, Yaham LED traffic signs are waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, wind-resistant, corrosion-resistant, which are highly competent and flexible for demanding outdoor environment.

Yaham Traffic Helps the Universiade to Be Held Successfully - yaham
Yaham Traffic Helps the Universiade to Be Held Successfully - yaham
Yaham Traffic Helps the Universiade to Be Held Successfully - yaham

Yaham LED traffic signs not only exhibit excellent performance in hardware, but also feature efficient and intelligent system. Yaham Traffic engineering team update the system protocols to NTCIP、MODBUS and PIDS used in variable message signs, lane control signs, speed limit signs, and passenger information displays, saving the cost on operation, maintenance and expansion of system.

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