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High-end flagship store embraces Yaham’s transparent LED display

2019 News 10070

As the catch-phrase in the fashion industry goes: if you can have customer’s attention 5 seconds more on your shop window, chance of doing business with him is 2 times more than your competitors’.

High-end flagship store embraces Yaham’s transparent LED display - yaham

Yaham changes its initial exhibition scheme and builds a booth all presented by transparent LED display composed by 28 cabinets instead, delivering eye – popper visual experience.

It is well-known that shop window embodies a store and plays an indispensable role in terms of eye catching, especially in those premium stores where customers come from all over the world, how stores are able to draw customer’s attention and provide unique shopping experience becomes the most important thing we should considerate at the very beginning.

It is the time of idea-win-everything, conservative window shops are gradually falling behind and are being replaced by various innovative designs. Yaham, as a pioneer of creative LED display, spares no effort in the manufacturing and design of transparent LED display in the last couple years and introduced its products to many A-list brands. Transparent LED display turns glass wall into digital LED display and comes as a perfect solution to the conundrum that information can not be displayed promptly. C0 and C1 transparent LED display exhibited in DSE are born for glass wall, they displays videos or images while maintains room lighting and provides infinite possibilities for more creative display to surprise your customers.

The DSE will hold at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 27th. In addition , Yaham also presents indoor small pixel pitch product in this show . We would like to invite you to come to Hall N2-N4, booth 1235 to know more about us .

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