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Select A Suitable Fine-pitch LED Display For Your Conference Rooms

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In recent years, the fine-pitch LED display has become an excellent tool to improve conference room presentation, brainstorming, and decision-making. This facilitates high-resolution viewing and simple content sharing. In addition, it enables leaders to easily and effectively communicate their thoughts and information. 

Select A Suitable Fine-pitch LED Display For Your Conference Rooms - yaham

With state-of-the-art fine-pitch LED solution, conference rooms are transformed into intelligent connected environments where employees can communicate more productively. Whether they are present in the meeting, in a separate office, or on the other side of the world.

Select A Suitable Fine-pitch LED Display For Your Conference Rooms - yaham

what factors should we consider when purchasing fine-pitch LED display for conference rooms?

1.Seamless Splicing
Seamless splicing is necessary for a accurate presentation of characters, charts and data. When PPT, Excel or Word are projected on the screen, it avoids misunderstanding and confusion due to black line and image separation.

2.High Consistency Of Colors And Brightness On Entire Screen
The high consistency of colors and brightness delivers true-to-life image reproduction with every pixel performing perfectly as intended. Point-by-point chroma correction technology eliminates chroma and colour differential across different diode batches.

3.Adjustable Brightness And Color Temperature
The adjustable brightness (0-1200 nits) and color temperature(1000K-10,000K) make LED display available and flexible in most of indoor applications.

4.Wide Viewing Angle
The viewing angle of a screen affects the audience’s adequate perception of the content. Wide viewing angle(H.160°, W.170°)allows audiences to watch clearly without distortion of images from all angles.

5.High Contrast Ratio And High Refresh Rate
With high contrast ratio and high refresh rate, the content performance is more delicate, more realistic, and smoother, meeting the high-end needs of video conference or live broadcast.

6.Slim And Lightweight
Slim and lightweight cabinet occupies less space and saves more transportation cost, resulting in quick and easy installation and maintenance.

7.Whisper-quiet Operation
Amazing fanless design, excellent heat dissipation and high energy efficiency collectively result in whisper-quiet operation and a extended lifespan, creating a perfect conference room.

8.Wireless Projection And High Compatibility
Wireless projection function enables LED display to achieve wireless screen mirroring from multiple platforms such as Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android. It is user-friendly to have high compatibility with peripherals such as cameras, speakers, laser pointers commonly used in conferences and to allow for Wi-Fi and wireless hotspot connections.

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