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YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review

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YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

120 million signed in 2022

YAHAM signed nearly 120 million for the year 2022, an increase of nearly 80% year-on-year.

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

Join the new top talent management team

Talent is an important capital for enterprise development. In 2022, YAHAM introduced 4 industry-leading talents to inject “fresh blood” into the management team of YAHAM, together with the company’s 800+ reserve talents to create a high-end talent echelon of YAHAM!

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

Outdoor 8K naked eye 3D giant screen in Changsha, China

YAHAM won the 2022 LED Display Connoisseur Aurora Award for its “Changsha’s Largest Outdoor 8K Curved Naked Eye 3D Giant Screen” project! The project is the largest outdoor 8K UHD naked eye 3D giant screen with the smallest pixel pitch in Changsha, which has received millions of exposures across the internet and over one million social media hits, triggering a new wave of naked eye 3D craze.

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

Pennsylvania Starry Sky Canopy, USA

YAHAM uses an exclusive shaped multi-dimensional P100 point light source canopy screen to create a sci-fi starry world for the Pennsylvania Building in the USA, created by nearly 600 YAHAM custom shaped triangular boxes.

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

German Traffic Outdoor Small Pitch Project

The German traffic outdoor small pitch HD signage project has strict requirements on product size, weight, power consumption, certification and structure, and needs to meet ROHS, REACH and EMC standards, which has been highly evaluated by the customer, calling YAHAM RECIENCE as the only first-class supplier in the field of outdoor small pitch with high technology and stable quality.

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

New XR Virtual System products launched

With the rapid development of the global digital content industry, YAHAM VisionMax, with its technological accumulation and R&D advantages in LED applications, will combine XR virtual production technology with high-definition LED large screens and launch professional XR virtual production solutions in 2022 to help customers realise more creative display ideas.

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

New high protection products launched

YAHAM 2022 year relaunched high weatherproof E0/E1 series, relying on special waterproof process design and high quality taking materials, to ensure that the screen body resistant to heat, cold, salt and alkali, before and after the overall protection level of IP65, can be in -20 ℃ cold to 50 ℃ environmental high temperature, 90% RH high humidity and other extreme environments in the long-term work, expand the customer side of the advertising benefits.

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

Significant renovation of automatic assembly line in manufacturing centre

YAHAM has upgraded all aspects of the outdoor module automatic assembly line in the manufacturing centre. Through the implementation of highly automated equipment operations, the line has been able to optimise space and space, reduce product turnaround, enhance product consistency and improve product quality, resulting in a significant increase in manufacturing plant capacity.

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

Construction of a new intelligent manufacturing base in Zhongshan, China

Laying out the first self-built base in Zhongshan in 2022, covering an area of 43 mu. Located in the heart of the Greater Bay Area, at the exit of the Zhongshan Torch Development Zone of the Shenzhen-China corridor, and only 29 minutes’ drive from Shenzhen Airport, the YAHAM Zhongshan manufacturing base will be used to build a 100,000m2 high-end LED production and R&D base.

YAHAM 2022 In Key Events Review - yaham

YAHAM Optoelectronics 20th Anniversary Celebration

20 years of hard work and 20 years of excellence!

August 20, 2022 is YAHAM’s “20th birthday”!

Twenty years have gone by in a flash, and the spring and autumn have been fruitful!

In the 20th anniversary celebration, the

On the 20th anniversary celebration, the old and new managers of YAHAM launched the “New Era” of YAHAM on the same stage!

3 generations of YAHAM people are casting YAHAM’s dream together!

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