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YAHAM LED screen shines bright at Grand Mercure, high level hotel in Yogyakarta

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Grand Mercure hotel, located in Yogyakarta where is a famous tourist city of Indonesia, with an area of 26,000 m², and is known as the high-end version of Mercure Hotel. It is a high-end hotel and hotel style apartment with French culture and Indonesian local history.

YAHAM LED screen shines bright at Grand Mercure, high level hotel in Yogyakarta - yaham

Being situated in the equatorial zone, Yogyakarta features a tropical monsoon climate which is hot and rainy all year round. Moreover, this city is widely regarded as the thunder pole region of the world since it is be located in the Java Island. Waterproof level should be higher and stricter with regard to have a LED sign installed here. Besides, as for installing outdoor LED display in this city, there are many factors should be taken into consideration, such as the transparency of the building, the practicability of the screen, the overall ornamental and so on. Therefore, featuring with hollow out structure, high contrast, low wind resistance, thin and light cabinet, YAHAM G0 series LED display is able to perfectly meet the needs and wants of customers. Due to more than 35% of the screen being hollow, it can effectively reduce the wind load by 32% compared with a traditional LED screen. In addition, YAHAM G0 series LED display features with unique oblique module louvre which contribute the air to pass through freely and deflect the sunlight to enhance the consumer viewing experience from ground level.

If Jakarta is the financial and industrial hub of Java Island, then Yogyakarta should be the soul of Java Island. As the rapid development of tourism in Indonesia, more and more world-famous hotels have settled in Yogyakarta. YAHAM will cooperate with more and more hotels and commercial buildings, to make more YAHAM outdoor LED display shine bright in this ancient and modern city, together witness the development of this magical country.

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